Northeastern will move to online teaching for students at its Seattle campus

Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

Based on the guidance of public health officials in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Northeastern University will be offering online teaching to students at its campus in Seattle.

The move to online course delivery in Seattle will begin Monday, March 9. Further decisions will be made according to public health agency guidelines.

Classes will be offered online or remotely to Northeastern’s 709 Seattle students.

“The health and well-being of our learners, staff, and faculty is our top priority,” said university chancellor Ken Henderson, co-chair of Northeastern’s COVID-19 task force, which convenes its members every morning. “Based on King County’s department of public health recommendations we have taken measured steps to ensure the safety of our community, while maintaining our mission in learning.”

Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

Northeastern’s 80 staff and faculty members in Seattle will be asked to work from home unless their presence is needed to maintain educational continuity at the university’s Seattle campus. Those who are in at-risk categories may also work from home, including: faculty and staff 60 and older; those who are pregnant; and those who have existing health conditions. 

The Seattle campus, launched in 2013, is part of Northeastern’s global university system, which includes campuses in London, Toronto, Vancouver, the Bay Area, Massachusetts campuses in Boston, Nahant, and Burlington, and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

“We continue to monitor the situation in each campus location on a daily basis,” Henderson said. “Any decisions on moving to new modes of instruction will be taken after careful assessments from public health officials as well as our own local leaders and experts.”

Northeastern urges students to contact their primary care clinicians If symptoms of COVID-19 develop at any point, regardless of recent travel destinations, and faculty and staff to contact their appropriate healthcare providers.  (Medical resources for each of Northeastern’s campuses can be found here.) Anyone who shows symptoms should self-isolate as soon as possible.

University updates to faculty, staff, and students will be issued via email and posted on the dedicated COVID-19 website. Northeastern is also equipping call-center operators to provide additional advice and assistance.

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