In the Media

  • Use Summer to Boost Scholarship Applications for Fall

    U.S. News & World Report -- 06/09/2011

    Summer break is officially here for most American students: time off from early mornings, hitting the books, and taking tests. In years past, many teens looked to the summer months as a time to increase the hours they worked at their part-time jobs or take on summer gigs, such as babysitting, lifeguarding, and festival work. Unfortunately, the recession has taken a toll on teen employment; today, according to a report by the Center for Labor Market Studies (CLMS) at Northeastern University, “The Steep Decline in Teen Summer Employment in the U.S., 2000-2010 and the Bleak Outlook for the 2011 Summer Teen Job Market,” only about a quarter of teens can find paying jobs.

  • American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Bans Pro-Freedom Singer

    The Atlantic -- 06/08/2011

    A leading Arab American group dropped a prominent Syrian-American musician from performing at their annual convention in a dispute over a freedom-tinged song that he was set to perform.

  • This Is Your Brain. And this Is Your Brain on Gossip.

    Boston Magazine Boston Daily Blog -- 06/08/2011

    Late last month, smack in the middle of the DiMasi trial and right around the time we learned of Arnold’s infidelity, a Science study out of Northeastern University popped into the world and promptly landed itself in headlines across the blogosphere. The title, “€œThe Visual Impact of Gossip,”€ pretty much explains its popularity off the bat. The gist was this: juicy gossip -€“ that is, negative social information about someone – increases the importance of the info-associated face to your unconscious brain as it makes split-second decisions about what, from the relentless flood of information it receives from the outside world, to notice and linger on without you ever even realizing a decision has been made. It means that whether you mean to or not, you will zero in on that guy you heard once fired someone before Christmas/pooped in the street/threw a chair at a classmate.

  • Amy Black lights up Nashville

    Boston Herald -- 06/08/2011

    When Amy Black boarded a plane for Nashville, Tenn., last fall, she had no idea -Music City was about to become her personal vortex. Following the route to songwriting renown blazed by fellow New Englanders Lori McKenna and Mary Gauthier, the Lowell resident went to the Americana Music -Association conference to network and see whether she was ready to dive headfirst into the music business.

  • LeBron James in spotlight off-court, too. Is he selling caffeine to kids?

    The Christian Science Monitor -- 06/07/2011

    As basketball star LeBron James tries to take a step closer to the championship that has so far eluded him in Game 4 of the NBA Finals Tuesday, his off-the-court activities are drawing the ire of a number of pediatricians nationwide.

  • Stanley Cup Finals: The hit heard ‘€™round the Hub

    Metro Boston -- 06/07/2011

    When Bruins forward Nathan Horton took a hit Monday night, the fans felt it.

  • Connected Health: Technology First or People?

    Healthcare IT News -- 06/07/2011

    For some reason of late, I’ve noticed the tagline of the automobile insurance company, Esurance. In case you haven’t seen it, it goes like this: “Technology when you want it, people when you don’t.” When I first heard this, I thought it would be a good tagline for connected health. Then I pondered further and wondered if in healthcare, the goal should really be “People when you want them and technology when you don’t.” The premise here would be that in healthcare we are different and that the human relationships are sacrosanct.

  • Brookline resident honored by Massachusetts Bar Association -- 06/06/2011

    The law firm of Brookline resident and Boston attorney Howard Friedman was honored with the Pro Bono Award for Law Firms from the Massachusetts Bar Association at the Access to Justice Awards last month.

  • Gossip influences visual attention

    The Washington Post -- 06/06/2011

    Rumor has it that humans are predisposed to gossip. Now, research has it, too.

  • Dukakis on Mitt Romney: ‘Smart & slippery’

    CNN -- 06/06/2011

    Former Massachussetts governor–and former presidential candidate–Michael Dukakis tells Eliot that former Gov. Mitt Romney is the proverbial weather vane. Dukakis says, “He’s smart, he’s slick–unfortuntately, he’s slippery.”…

  • Summer Job Outlook Bleak for Teens

    U.S. News & World Report -- 06/06/2011

    Summer job hiring is off to a slow start for people ages 16-19, according to new employment numbers from the government.

  • She’s not the retiring type

    The Boston Globe -- 06/06/2011

    Doris Bunte’s home overlooks Harbor Point, the old Columbia Point housing project, and there is something appropriate about that.