In the Media

  • Did a Snowy Winter Prevent Murders?

    The Wall Street Journal -- 03/09/2011

    Homicides in New York City plummeted 22% during the first two months of 2011. But while the record-breaking snow that blanketed the city in January seems an obvious explanation, the New York Police Department doesn’t have avalanche of evidence to support that theory.

  • Spring Breakers Work On Belle Ave. Habitat Houses

    Fort Smith Times Record -- 03/09/2011

    For the next three weeks, the steady beat of hammers, grunts of hard work and chirps of laughter will become familiar sounds to residents of Belle Avenue in Fort Smith.

  • RIT wins cyber security competition

    Government Security News -- 03/09/2011

    A cyber security competition for college students in the northeast United States held March 3-6 was won by Rochester Institute of Technology. RIT will compete against other regional winners in a national final that will be held in San Antonio, TX, in April.

  • North, Mansfield score well on dropout rates

    The Attleboro Sun Chronicle -- 03/09/2011

    With high school graduation mere months away, area school officials are pushing students at risk of dropping out to stay in school and say they hope to improve graduation rates to meet state levels.

  • ‘Ga-Ga’ for Daddy’s Data

    The Wall Street Journal -- 03/08/2011

    When Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Deb Roy wanted to study the ways caregivers influence how babies learn to talk, he decided to bring his work home.

  • Cronin rejoins Huskies

    The Boston Globe -- 03/08/2011

    “The Sheriff is back.”…

  • Swampscott UU Church to screen education documentary

    The Swampscott Reporter -- 03/07/2011

    The Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn will host a screening of the documentary “Children Left Behind” on Sunday, March 27 at 4 p.m. The screening is sponsored by Promise the Children and will be followed by a discussion of education reform in the U.S. The church is located at 101 Forest Ave in Swampscott.

  • Dad, sister go extra mile to fight disease

    The Boston Herald -- 03/07/2011

    The Comella family has united to fight a beloved son and brother’s potentially deadly disease on several fronts.

  • Fees curb urge to appeal traffic tickets

    The Boston Globe -- 03/07/2011

    Two years after state lawmakers imposed fees for fighting traffic tickets, the number of appeals has dropped, raising questions about whether the effort to weed out frivolous cases and raise revenue has hindered access to courts.

  • Nation’s top sixth-grader still on NBA quest

    The Chicago Tribune -- 03/07/2011

    He has grown three inches, gained 20 pounds and still hopes to play in the NBA. The ranking service puts him as the top sixth-grader in the nation. Nearly a dozen AAU teams nationwide reportedly are vying for his services this coming summer.

  • After 57 years, break in civil rights era cold case

    CNN -- 03/04/2011

    On June 4, 1954, wealthy African-American land owner Isadore Banks disappeared in his hometown of Marion, Arkansas and was discovered days later chained to a tree, shot and burned beyond recognition. For nearly 57 years, his family has lived with the pain of two mysteries: who killed him and what happened to his land. Now, one of those mysteries might finally be solved.

  • Downturn cost state fewer jobs than thought

    The Boston Globe -- 03/04/2011

    The recent recession was milder in Massachusetts than first thought, as the unemployment rate peaked at a much lower level and the state shed fewer jobs than reported previously, according to revised data released yesterday by the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.