In the Media

  • Boston’s schools are becoming resegregated

    Boston Globe -- 08/06/2018

    The Globe review follows a report released by a Northeastern University research institute in July that revealed many black and Latino students have been locked out of the city’s highest-performing elementary and K-8 schools, while many white students who tend to live closer to those schools have been gaining admission to them.

  • Hey, Alexa, Should We Bring Virtual Assistants to Campus? These Colleges Gave Them a Shot

    The Chronicle of Higher Education -- 08/06/2018

    Research universities are squeezing an extra roommate into residence halls: Amazon’s Alexa. The Georgia Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, and Arizona State University last year provided students with Echo Dots, puck-shaped, voice-activated devices programmed to answer campus-specific questions about meal plans and business hours for campus buildings.

  • Boston Announces ‘Phased-In Approach’ To Full Police Body Cam Expansion

    WBUR -- 08/06/2018

    The pilot concluded last September, at which point researchers at Northeastern University began reviewing the data from the involved officers.

  • 6 things to know about Nanovis

    Becker's Spine Review -- 08/06/2018

    Thomas Webster, PhD, the chair of Boston-based Northeastern University’s chemical engineering department, designed the FortiCore PLIF and TLIF spinal implants’ nanofeatures.

  • Confirmed: Large-Caliber Guns More Likely to Kill

    Medpage Today -- 08/06/2018

    The analysis of Boston Police Department data revealed that shootings were more likely to result in death with both large-caliber (OR 4.54, 95% CI 2.37-8.70, P<0.001) and medium-caliber guns (OR 2.25, 95% CI 1.37-3.70, P=0.001) compared with small-caliber firearms, according to Anthony Braga, PhD, of Northeastern University in Boston, and Philip J. Cook, PhD, of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina…

  • Animal abusers shouldn’t own guns

    Boston Globe -- 08/06/2018

    Indeed, scientists have been studying animal abuse as a predictor of future mass violence since the 1960s. A 2013 study, coauthored by Northeastern University professor Arnold Arluke, found that about 40 percent of school shooters from 1988 to 2012 committed a particular type of abuse: flagrant, “up-close and personal” violence against animals, like “strangling, bludgeoning, burning, or mutilating” them.

  • Forgotten Mobile civil rights slayings brought back to light

    NBC 15 -- 08/06/2018

    Nichole never learned the details of her relative’s death until Boston’s Northeastern University asked her about it as part of its Civil Right and Restorative Justice Project. …

  • Walsh says city will begin phasing in 400 police body cameras

    Boston Globe -- 08/02/2018

    “The findings of the randomized controlled trial suggest that the placement of body worn cameras on Boston Police officers generate small but meaningful benefits to the civility of police-citizen civilian encounters,” said Braga, the Northeastern University researcher. “The study finds that officers wearing cameras received fewer citizen complaints and generated fewer use of force reports relative to officers who did not wear cameras. The presence of the cameras seem to de-escalate the potential for confrontations between police and citizens.”…

  • This Platform Uses Alexa to Keep College Students Informed

    BostInno -- 08/02/2018

    In the Spring, N-Powered completed a pilot of its student program with 60 students at Northeastern — as a result the campus call center saw an almost 80 percent reduction in phone requests from those students. Northeastern is now planning to roll out the program to all students starting in the Fall.

  • Extreme Makeover: Renaissance Edition

    The Wall Street Journal -- 08/02/2018

    Ms. Brothers, an associate professor at Northeastern University and the author of “Michelangelo, Drawing, and the Invention of Architecture” (Yale), discusses changes that director Eike Schmidt has introduced to almost every aspect of the renowned Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

  • For chronic Lyme Disease patients, frustration, but new hope

    Boston 25 -- 08/02/2018

    Dr. Lewis, a Lyme Disease researcher at Northeastern University in Boston, and his team are working on developing new treatments for Lyme Disease under a $1.5 million grant.

  • Should Boston schools get rid of busing? Some say the money would be better spent in classrooms, but the answer is not clear. Here’s why.

    Boston Globe -- 07/27/2018

    Busing students across the city has been the subject of bruising debates over four decades in Boston. The discussion intensified last week in the wake of a new report by Northeastern University that revealed a four-year-old computerized system used to assign students to schools is exacerbating segregation and leaving many black and Latino students in low-performing schools, even though tens of thousands of students get bused every day.