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  • Hospitals in Coastal Cities Risk Flooding Even in ‘Weak’ Hurricanes, Study Finds

    The New York Times -- 09/29/2022

    Hospitals cannot be “a resilient island in a fragile ocean,” said Auroop R. Ganguly, a geosciences and civil engineering professor at Northeastern University who was not involved in the study.

  • As Ian batters Florida, Puerto Ricans fear being forgotten

    Politico -- 09/29/2022

    “We really can’t look at this event without looking at both the extreme vulnerability of the power grid and the people,” said Laura Kuhl, an assistant professor at Northeastern University who has done research demonstrating an inequitable recovery in Puerto Rico after Maria. …

  • Promising Alzheimer’s drug provides second chance for Biogen, and a debated theory about the disease

    The Boston Globe -- 09/29/2022

    Hugh Courtney, 59, a Concord resident who was part of the lecanemab study, was happy to hear about the positive results. Courtney is an accomplished economist and former dean of the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, where he continued to teach until retiring in 2021 when symptoms of the disease made working too difficult.

  • Mass. climate experts: Daunting challenges bring ‘abundant hope and opportunity’

    Boston Business Journal -- 09/28/2022

    Moderated by Business Journal executive editor Douglas Banks and sponsored by National Grid and Solect Energy, the event featured Ted Landsmark, Northeastern University’s distinguished professor of public policy and urban affairs; Amy Longsworth, executive director of the Boston Green Ribbon Commission; Elizabeth Turnbull Henry, president of the Environmental League of Massachusetts; and Stephen Woerner, National Grid’s New England president. …

  • Here’s why pumpkin spice lattes are so popular: It’s ‘very simple economics,’ say the experts

    CNBC -- 09/27/2022

    “Emotions are a powerful motivator for purchase” says Bruce Clark, Associate Professor of Marketing at Northeastern University.

  • Punching In: New York Businesses Brace for Pay Transparency Rules

    Bloomberg Law -- 09/27/2022

    The major questions doctrine has gone from something the Supreme Court used once every five years to a “Swiss Army knife” for courts to limit agency power, said Wendy Parmet, a law professor who directs Northeastern University’s Center for Health Policy and Law.

  • What are ultra-processed foods? What should I eat instead?

    The Washington Post -- 09/27/2022

    The site was created by Giulia Menichetti and Albert-László Barabási, two scientists at Northeastern University who study ultra-processed foods and developed a database of over 50,000 foods sold in grocery stores.

  • Checking in on relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona hits the island

    WBUR -- 09/22/2022

    We meet authors Janie Victoria Ward, professor emerita in the Departments of Education and Africana Studies at Simmons University and Tracy Robinson-Wood, a professor of applied psychology at Northeastern University.

  • Alexa Can Speak in Your Dead Grandmother’s Voice

    Popular Mechanics -- 09/22/2022

    “Imagine what would happen if we took Ali’s voice right now, with all the stuff that’s going on with Salman Rushdie, and put words into his mouth—words he would never utter?” asks Rupal Patel, a professor at Northeastern University’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and vice president of voice and accessibility at Veritone, an AI tech company based in California.

  • Millennials and Gen Z want to stop a climate catastrophe. But first they have to get elected.

    Insider -- 09/22/2022

    They’re more rigid and concerned with preserving their economic stability, while millennials and Gen Zers have fewer expectations of stability, Jennie Stephens, a professor of sustainability science and policy at Northeastern University, said. …