In the Media

  • Disabled Do-It-Yourselfers Lead Way to Technology Gains

    The New York Times -- 07/14/2020

    Meryl Alper, assistant professor of communication studies at Northeastern University, argues in her book “Giving Voice,” that this app creates inequality. …

  • International students: 17 US states, DC file lawsuit against Trump admin’s new visa policy

    CNBC -- 07/14/2020

    The lawsuit also includes 40 declarations from a variety of institutions affected by the new rule, including the Northeastern University, the Tufts University, the University of Massachusetts, the Boston University, the Massachusetts Community Colleges, the Massachusetts State Universities, the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts among others.  …

  • For Black Inventors, Road to Owning Patents Paved With Barriers

    Bloomberg -- 07/14/2020

    The diversity gap in the patent system has “deep historical roots,” Northeastern University law professor Kara Swanson said.

  • Do face masks work? Here’s what the science says

    The Telegraph -- 07/14/2020

    Laboratory testing by Northeastern University, in Boston, found that surgical masks block out 75 per cent of respiratory-droplet-size particles, while the University of Hong Kong found that loose-fitting surgical masks block almost all contagious droplets breathed out by infectious people.

  • Why We’re Losing the Battle With Covid-19

    The New York Times -- 07/14/2020

    “In the 1700s and 1800s state and local officials could do all sorts of things in the name of public health, like close businesses and hold ships at port and forcibly quarantine people, that they could not otherwise do,” says Wendy Parmet, a public-health legal scholar at Northeastern University. “But by World War II those powers lost their pre-eminence.”…

  • How to fix the Covid-19 dumpster fire in the U.S.

    Stat -- 07/14/2020

    Enough with the “but the flu” and “it’s getting better” and “it’s going to go away on its own” talk. There needs to be consistent communications from all levels of government about the risk the virus poses, said Alessandro Vespignani, director of the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University.

  • Untapped federal funds could help fill gap in Maine virus economic plan

    Bangor Daily News -- 07/14/2020

    “The federal government hasn’t made it easy — though it’s tried — to access these grants and programs,” said Stephen Flynn, founding director of Northeastern University’s Global Resilience Institute, which was one of the institutions that collected data on what states need.

  • Troubled south Minneapolis block renews calls for help from police, City Hall

    Star Global Tribune -- 07/14/2020

    “It’s not an either-or: It’s the combination of under- and over-policing that occurs simultaneously that undermines police effectiveness and police legitimacy,” said Brunson, a professor at Northeastern University’s school of criminology and criminal justice, noting that “extreme calls for abolishing police altogether” would prove “dire” for people in high-crime areas.

  • New York legislators introduce bill to require liability insurance for police

    ABC News -- 07/14/2020

    Criminal justice expert and professor at Northeastern University Deborah Ramirez discusses why it’s difficult to hold police accountable for using excessive force and if changes will be made.

  • Ted Landsmark on Boston’s Civil Rights Movements: From Busing to Black Lives Matter

    NBC Boston -- 07/14/2020

    Ted Landsmark, a Northeastern University professor and a Black man who was attacked during a 1976 anti-busing demonstration in Boston gives advice to young Black Lives Matter activists today.

  • New York legislators introduce bill to require liability insurance for police

    ABC News -- 07/13/2020

    Deborah Ramirez, a professor of law at Northeastern University and a former federal prosecutor, told ABC News liability insurance would go a long way for cutting down taxpayer waste and improving police conduct.

  • Northeastern University says it will test all students, faculty, staff for coronavirus

    WHDH 7 News -- 07/13/2020

    Northeastern University says it will test all students, faculty, and staff for coronavirus as the school begins a phased reopening ahead of the fall semester.