In the Media

  • Telecommuting will make Boston share the wealth

    Boston Globe -- 04/15/2021

    Jeff Howe is an associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University.

  • Recreational Marijuana Advocates Sue Gov. Baker Over Declaring Recreational Pot Shops ‘Non-Essential’

    GBH -- 04/14/2021

    WGBH Morning Edition host Joe Mathieu spoke with Northeastern University law professor and WGBH News legal analyst Daniel Medwed about the lawsuit. …

  • Driving While Black is still a death sentence

    Politico -- 04/14/2021

    Also joining the conversation is Deborah Ramirez, a law professor at Northeastern University School of Law and chair of the school’s Criminal Justice Task Force.

  • India reels amid virus surge, affecting world vaccine supply

    ABC News -- 04/14/2021

    India said Tuesday that it would authorize a slew of new vaccines, but experts said that the decision was unlikely to have any immediate impact on supplies available in the country. For now, its focus on domestic needs “means there is very little, if anything, left for COVAX and everybody else,” said Brook Baker, a vaccines expert at Northeastern University.

  • Stalled at first jab: COVID-19 vaccine shortages hit poor countries

    Los Angeles Times -- 04/14/2021

    Brook Baker, a vaccines expert at Northeastern University, said the laudatory message was misplaced. “Celebrating doses sufficient for only 19 million people, or 0.25% of global population, is tone deaf,” he said, adding it was time for WHO and its partners to be more honest with countries.

  • Biden, public health officials face crossroads on COVID-19

    Boston Globe -- 04/14/2021

    Some epidemiologists are arguing the government should have been better prepared from the beginning to respond to hot spots with vaccines to slow the spread of more transmissible variants. “We should have held a tranche of vaccines in reserve for surging to variants,” said Samuel Scarpino, an epidemiologist at Northeastern University.

  • US colleges divided over requiring student vaccinations

    Associated Press -- 04/12/2021

    “It takes away any ambiguity about whether individuals should be vaccinated,” said Kenneth Henderson, the chancellor of Northeastern University in Boston. “It also provides a level of confidence for the entire community that we are taking all appropriate measures.”…

  • Helping young women in the juvenile justice system avoid violent relationships

    Boston Globe -- 04/12/2021

    Lifespan researcher and Northeastern professor Dr. Christie Rizzo developed the Date SMART program, which uses techniques to help teens build skills necessary for healthy relationships…

  • George Floyd’s family lawyer is a fixture outside the Chauvin trial. Legal experts say this will come up on appeal if the ex-cop is convicted.

    Insider -- 04/12/2021

    Daniel Medwed, distinguished professor of law and criminal justice at Northeastern University School of Law, told Insider that while there’s no legal problem with the timing of the settlement because civil and criminal court processes are separate, “it could create a practical glitch down the road.”…

  • Facebook Algorithm Shows Gender Bias in Job Ads, Study Finds

    The Wall Street Journal -- 04/12/2021

    While the research spotlights issues at Facebook, a lasting fix for the problem has so far eluded the industry, said Piotr Sapiezynski, a computer-science researcher at Northeastern University who collaborated with the USC team on past research into racial disparities in the delivery of job ads.