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  • Gun-ownership in America is diversifying, because of safety fears

    The Economist -- 01/20/2022

    Of the 7.5m Americans who bought firearms for the first time between January 2019 and April 2021—as gun-buying surged nationwide—half were female, a fifth black and a fifth Hispanic, according to a recent study by Matthew Miller of Northeastern University and his co-authors. …

  • China-Based Auditors Pose Risks for U.S. Companies, Study Shows

    The Wall Street Journal -- 01/20/2022

    Auditors in countries with a weak rule of law, such as China, “may be more likely to misunderstand or misapply the lead auditor’s instructions and it may be difficult to trust their work,” said Jenna Burke, an accounting professor at the University of Colorado Denver, who wrote the study with Rani Hoitash of Bentley University and Udi Hoitash of Northeastern University.

  • Lawmakers Plan Legislation to ‘Ban Surveillance Advertising’

    Vice -- 01/19/2022

    The legislation is supported by a spread of organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC); companies such as search engine DuckDuckGo and privacy-focused services provider Proton; and academics including Shoshana Zuboff, author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, Joan Donovan, research director at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy; and Woodrow Hartzog, professor of law and computer science at Northeastern University and author of Privacy’s Blueprint.

  • Why Massachusetts has a ‘culture of caution’ on clemency and commutations

    GBH -- 01/18/2022

    Daniel Medwed, Northeastern University law professor and GBH News legal analyst, joined host Henry Santoro on Morning Edition today to discuss why clemency in Massachusetts is so rare. …

  • Misinformation is fueling the overdose crisis

    CommonWealth Magazine -- 01/18/2022

    John Messinger is a Harvard Medical School student interested in the intersection of addiction treatment and policy and a member of the Health in Justice Action Lab at Northeastern University School of Law. Leo Beletsky is a professor of law and health sciences and is the faculty director of the Health in Justice Action Lab at Northeastern University School of Law. …

  • Why Joe Biden’s bid to restore scientific integrity matters

    Nature News -- 01/18/2022

    “We were very concerned about the possibility of data loss,” says the EDGI’s co-founder Sara Wylie, a researcher studying large-scale environmental-health issues at Northeastern University in Boston.

  • In the wake of unequal vaccine rollouts, countries face a ‘Wild West’ scramble for covid pills

    The Washington Post -- 01/18/2022

    Brook Baker, a professor of law at Northeastern University who tracks pharmaceutical deals, estimates generics of molnupiravir could be sold for as little as $10 per treatment.

  • We’ve taught kids to fear school shootings. But lost sight of how uncommon they are.

    USA Today -- 01/14/2022

    James Alan Fox is the Lipman Professor of Criminology, Law and Public Policy at Northeastern University, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, and co-author of Violence and Security on Campus: From Preschool through College.

  • In vaccination battles, pro athletes become proxy players

    The Washington Post -- 01/14/2022

    “They are all different individuals. They have different approaches,” says Dan Lebowitz, executive director of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University. “Athletes,” he says, “are no different than really the whole of humanity.”…

  • Amid a fight for voting rights, local leaders reflect on Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

    GBH -- 01/14/2022

    “In this country, there are holidays of celebration, and I don’t believe that the King Commemorative Day really ought to be thought of as a holiday,” said Ted Landsmark, a professor of public policy at Northeastern University and director of the school’s Kitigan Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy.