In the Media

  • Twitter Suspends Former Saudi Official Linked to Crackdown, Khashoggi Killing

    The Wall Street Journal -- 09/20/2019

    Researchers lean heavily on the information that Twitter provides to study the spread of disinformation, said David Lazer, a professor at Northeastern University. “In the study of social media, it dominates because it’s so open,” he said.

  • Smart TVs spy on us even when they’re off

    The Times UK -- 09/20/2019

    A study by academics at Imperial College London and Northeastern University in Boston has found that smart TVs in Britain and America may be sending “extensive information” about their users to companies other than the manufacturer.

  • Your smart devices listening to you, explained

    Vox -- 09/20/2019

     A new Northeastern University and Imperial College London study found that some smart TVs send data to companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Google, even when the devices are not in use.

  • How the Value of Educational Credentials Is and Isn’t Changing

    Harvard Business Review -- 09/20/2019

    In a national survey of employers that we at Northeastern University recently conducted, a strong majority of HR leaders said that the value of educational credentials in hiring has either increased (48%) or held steady (29%) over the last five years. …

  • Four big questions the next Israeli government will decide

    Salon -- 09/19/2019

    Dov Waxman, Professor of Political Science, International Affairs and Israel Studies, Northeastern University…

  • The Internet of Things Is Still a Privacy Dumpster Fire, Study Finds

    Vice -- 09/19/2019

    The full study, a joint collaboration between Northeastern University and Imperial College London took a closer look at 81 popular smart TVs, streaming dongles, smart speakers, and video doorbells made by vendors including Google, Roku, and Amazon.

  • 50 Trillion Calculations per Second in the Palm of Your Hand—Data Sheet

    Fortune -- 09/19/2019

    Researchers from Northeastern University and Imperial College London caught smart TVs made by Samsung and LG and streaming devices from Roku and Amazon uploading data about their owners to advertisers, in some cases even when the devices were not in use.   …

  • As homicides drop in L.A., more women are being killed — often by intimate partners

    Los Angeles Times -- 09/19/2019

    James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University, released a study in March that also found an uptick in the rates of intimate partner violence involving a gun. Fox said it’s unclear whether the increase is temporary or a trend.

  • Just How Many Swing Voters Are There?

    FiveThirtyEight -- 09/19/2019

    One way to get at this question is to use the approach of Northeastern University political scientist William Mayer, who wrote a 2008 book on the subject.

  • On Roku and Amazon Fire TV, Channels Are Watching You

    Wired -- 09/19/2019

    Just this week, researchers from Northeastern University and Imperial College London had similar findings in a survey of smart TVs. …

  • Smart TVs sending private data to Netflix, Google and Facebook

    The Irish Times -- 09/18/2019

    Researchers from Northeastern University in the US and Imperial College London found that a number of smart TVs, including those made by Samsung and LG, and the streaming dongles Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV, were sending out data such as location and IP address to Netflix and third-party advertisers.

  • Fact check: From Iran pre-conditions to the weather in North Carolina, Trump made 87 false claims last week

    CNN -- 09/18/2019

    A post-election assessment from Costas Panagopoulos, a political science professor at Northeastern University, ranked the Post/ABC poll the second-most-accurate of 14 national polls he studied. …