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Aerin Frankel saving a shot on net in a PWHL game.
May 17, 2024

Legendary Northeastern hockey goalie has Boston three wins away from inaugural PWHL title

Aerin Frankel led a sweep of Montreal to advance to the championship series. “We wouldn’t be here without her,” coach Courtney Kessel says.

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‘Double Husky’ John Lam is retiring from Boston Ballet. He’ll be busier than ever

The 20-year ballet veteran has balanced fatherhood, college and the grueling demands of life as an elite professional dancer.

From TD Garden to Fenway Park, graduate student speaker Megan Carter is a hockey and academic star

Carter pursued dual degrees while completing two co-ops at Northeastern. She expects to play in the PWHL before entering medical school.

For undergraduate commencement student speaker Rebecca Bamidele, politics and medicine are a potent mix

The 2024 Northeastern graduate in biology and political science is a future doctor laser-focused on improving public health policy

This student spent co-op on an island helping protect sea turtles and other endangered species

An environmental conservation volunteer in Seychelles included diving with coral and helping sea turtles to safety.

Illustration of Hans Van Der Sande squatting in front of a tortoise making observations.

Why is this Northeastern student and ROTC cadet running a marathon with a 40-pound weight on her back?

Kayla McCann, a 5-foot-4 nursing student, is running in her boots and fatigues with a heavy rucksack in a race for charity.

Kayla McCann running in her uniform with a weighted rucksack.

Northeastern co-op goes bananas with Santa Rosa Primate Project in Costa Rica

Leah Orman is literally monkeying around. This biology student is helping research and protect capuchin monkeys for her international co-op.

A capuchin monkey in a tree.

‘Landmark in survey research’: How the COVID States Project analyzed the pandemic with objectivity

Four years ago David Lazer formed the Northeastern-led effort — resulting in more than 100 cutting-edge reports and national media coverage.

Alessandro Vespignani writing on a sheeg of paper with a red pen.

96-year-old senior center resident shocks Northeastern Hillel volunteers with an astounding story — her father donated their building to the university

Fay Wilgoren’s father was a Husky through and through. At 96, she’s sharing his incredible story.

Gabrielle Bailey sitting in a chair across from Fey Wilgoren talking.

Five decades after his graduation, a legendary general returns to Northeastern as an inductee into the ROTC Hall of Fame

Major Gen. Salvatore Cambria, a leader of U.S. Army Special Forces operations, retired in 2012 after a highly decorated career of 36 years.

Headshot of Major General Salvatore Cambria.

Can pottery be therapy? This psychology student thinks so.

The fifth-year Northeastern psychology major is passionate about studying and sharing the peace he finds at the wheel.

David Chatson throwing pottery on a wheel at the Create Art in Community studio.

Forced labor in the clothing industry is rampant and hidden. This AI-powered search platform can expose it.

Supply Trace combines AI with on-the-ground investigation to trace apparel to regions with a high risk of forced labor.

An illustration of a person holding up a phone displaying a database while workers sit at sewing machines in the background.

This Northeastern graduate thinks you’d be perfect for ‘The Amazing Race’

As a casting professional, Alex Sharp has unearthed talent for reality competition shows including ‘Lego Masters’ and ‘Chopped.’

Headshot of Alex Sharp.

Mike Sirota, rated as a high first-round pick, could be Northeastern’s greatest baseball player

Sirota, a 6-foot-3-inch junior, is ranked among the top 11 picks overall in the upcoming Major League Baseball Draft.

Mike Sirota up at bat.

We can’t combat climate change without changing minds. This psychology class explores how.

PSYC-4660: Humans & Nature is part of a larger push at Northeastern to explore the intersection between environmental and brain sciences.

Illustration of two human heads with trees growing inside of them next to pipes emitting gases into the air.

Daniel Gwynn sat on death row for 30 years. Meet the Northeastern law grad who helped set him free

“We’re lifting up the humanity of our clients,” says Gretchen Engel, a 1992 graduate of Northeastern School of Law.

Daniel Gwynn posing with four other people.

Northeastern loves Paws. He loves Northeastern more.

A behind-the-scenes peek at the mascot, the TikTok star, the Husky legend.

Northeastern's husky mascot, Paws, lays down on dozens of husky stuffed animals while wearing a black suit with a red tie.

From Congo to Northeastern, the resilient journey of a basketball star

Sixteen-year-old Gemima Motema and her two cousins were stranded in the U.S. by war in their homeland. That was six years ago.

Gemima Motema posing with a basketball.

What makes a movie fight scene hit? Stage combat expert breaks down iconic fight scenes from ‘Mission: Impossible’ and ‘The Matrix’

Former Northeastern track athletes move on to next phase of running education as marathoners compete at US Olympic Trials

Michael Duggan and Cameron Dickson shared a coach in Northeastern’s Matt Lonergan, who helped them train for their new event.

Time lapse photo of runners in the New York Marathon.

Why American Girl has been a perfect fit for this creative writing professor 

Northeastern’s Kathryn Reiss has authored several mystery novels for American Girl alongside her award-winning middle grade fiction.

The Julie American Girl doll wearing a white shirt with a peace symbol and purple sunglasses.

How one philosopher is thinking about the problem of deepfakes, AI and the ‘arms race’ to rein in deception online

Deepfakes and AI-generated images are ubiquitous, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to sort fact from fiction, says deception expert.

AI generated image of a human head.

What the Super Bowl, Beanpot and other sporting events teach us about coping with pressure

How do athletes block out distractions and focus on what matters? The lessons are universal, according to Northeastern experts.

Allegiant Stadium with a display of the Kansas City Chiefs logo and the San Francisco 49ers logo.

At 80, the legendary professor who beat Big Tobacco takes on sports betting

Northeastern law professor Richard Daynard says sports betting is an addictive public health risk — not unlike smoking.

Richard Daynard teaching in a classroom.

Why do people hate movie musicals?

Studio executives purposely downplayed the fact that the new “Mean Girls” movie is a musical after other movie musical flops.

A billboard displaying an advertisement for the "Mean Girls" film.

NFL cheerleading is serious business. Ask this cancer researcher

NFL cheerleader Chelsea Pe Benito captained the dance team and studied for a clinical research career at Northeastern.

Philadelphia Eagles football team cheerleaders in green outfits holding pom poms up in the air on the football field sidelines.

Is AI killing the social media star?

Not only does AI image generation bring down costs, it allows companies to have stronger control over messaging, Northeastern experts say.

iPhone displaying the Instagram account of Miquela, an AI generated social media influencer.