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Sarah Levy running with the rugby ball.
July 18, 2024

Sarah Levy seeks an Olympic gold medal 10 years after she fell in love with rugby at Northeastern

“A year ago I didn’t think I would be here,” says Levy, among 13 Americans competing in women’s rugby sevens at the Paris Games July 28-30.

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How an underdog rower from Northeastern earned a place in the Paris Olympics

Jacob Plihal, a 6-foot-10 former Huskies captain, will make his Olympic debut in the men’s single sculls on July 27 in Paris.

She got her name from a childhood lightning strike. Then this Northeastern grad electrified the rock scene.

Britt Lightning, the lead guitarist for Vixen, Rachel Platten and Jason Derulo, graduated with a music business degree in 2009.

Pran Nath, Northeastern’s longest-tenured professor, pursues the beautiful mysteries of physics

The world-renowned researcher continues to explore the secrets of the universe after 58 years at Northeastern.

The next generation of wireless communication is being built at Northeastern and this researcher is leading the charge

Professor Tommaso Melodia has helped transform Northeastern University into one of the premier centers for wireless communications research.

Tommaso Melodia working inside of ISEC.

AI is transforming sports for the better, Northeastern baseball legend Carlos Peña says

The Huskies Hall-of-Famer used AI to solve a nagging riddle of his career, revealing baseball as “a lot less random than we believe it is.”

A stylized time lapse photo of a baseball player running in front of a dark studio background.

Pompey was elected a Colonial-era ‘king.’ Did researchers find the foundation of his home outside Boston?

“It gives us renewed appreciation for King Pompey and the celebration electing Black kings and governors in New England,” Baumgartner says.

Kabria Baumgartner and a UNH researcher digging.

This Northeastern physicist is revolutionizing astronomy with unprecedented dark matter mapping through space observatory in Chile

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time could revolutionize our understanding of the universe, Jonathan Blazek says

An illustration showing a space observatory in Chile with a telescope the size of an SUV looking out into a night sky in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

In between teaching and practicing, this Northeastern professor finds time to coach a Boston sled hockey team

Physical therapy professor Luke Brisbin helps out the players on Boston I.C.E. Storm’s adaptive ice hockey team.

Boston ICE Storm team photo.

Dominique Biron turned weaknesses into strengths on her way to the NCAA track and field championships

The fifth-year Northeastern heptathlete has dealt with ADHD and anxiety while competing at the highest level.

Dominique Beron jumping over a hurdle.

Your podcast needs a theme song. Good Dog Licensing can help

This student-run Northeastern organization connects musicians with creatives looking to make their projects sing.

A brown french bulldog with sunglasses and white over the ear headphones.

Fiona Howard’s body was collapsing. Now she’s a world-ranked dressage rider aiming for the Paris Paralympics

After nearly dying, the 2021 graduate and experienced equestrian had to learn to ride all over again.

Fiona Howard riding dressage on her horse.

Why James Corden is looking to use tax breaks to build on Barbie’s success and woo more Hollywood filming to Britain

The ex Late Late Show host’s plan for a studio in NE England is part of government-backed efforts to keep film stars flocking to Britain.

A behind the scenes shot of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in a pink car filming on the set of Barbie.

PWHL championship series revolves around former Northeastern star Aerin Frankel

Frankel made 30 saves to lead Boston to a 4-3 win at the Tsongas Center in Lowell. Game 2 of the best-of-five series is 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Aerin Frankel saving a shot on net in a PWHL game.

‘Double Husky’ John Lam is retiring from Boston Ballet. He’ll be busier than ever

The 20-year ballet veteran has balanced fatherhood, college and the grueling demands of life as an elite professional dancer.

John Lam dancing, midair in black and white.

From TD Garden to Fenway Park, graduate student speaker Megan Carter is a hockey and academic star

Carter pursued dual degrees while completing two co-ops at Northeastern. She expects to play in the PWHL before entering medical school.

headshot of Megan Carter in the flowers

For undergraduate commencement student speaker Rebecca Bamidele, politics and medicine are a potent mix

The 2024 Northeastern graduate in biology and political science is a future doctor laser-focused on improving public health policy

Headshot of Rebecca Bamidele.

The untold story of how two Northeastern professors analyzed moon rocks for NASA a half-century ago

They were the most precious materials on Earth following the 1969 Apollo landing. And yet few knew they were being analyzed at Northeastern.

Robert Lowndes holding up a moon rock in green lighting.

A Black soldier receives a full military funeral — 83 years after his death. Here is his story

The Northeastern Civil Rights and Restorative Justice project re-examined a military police killing of a Black soldier in 1941.

Albert King's white marble military tombstone.

We’re addicted to ‘true crime’ stories. This class investigates why

MSCR 3920: True Crime Media unpacks our collective fascination with the darkest parts of human nature.

An illustration of four people standing in a room in front of 6 TV screens of diffeerent sizes that show Elizabeth Holmes on them.

These Northeastern graduates are improving our neighborhoods one tree at a time

The drive to plant and care for trees has never been more important. The Northeastern community is doing its part in Greater Boston.

Cathleen and Thomas Griffin planting a tree.

This former cheerleader is aiming to be a ‘world-class star’ in hammer throw

Liangie Calderon, a Northeastern sophomore, won the Under-20 Puerto Rico championship last summer as a relative newcomer to the sport.

Liangie Calderon mid hammer throw.

This student spent co-op on an island helping protect sea turtles and other endangered species

An environmental conservation volunteer in Seychelles included diving with coral and helping sea turtles to safety.

Illustration of Hans Van Der Sande squatting in front of a tortoise making observations.

Why is this Northeastern student and ROTC cadet running a marathon with a 40-pound weight on her back?

Kayla McCann, a 5-foot-4 nursing student, is running in her boots and fatigues with a heavy rucksack in a race for charity.

Kayla McCann running in her uniform with a weighted rucksack.

Northeastern co-op goes bananas with Santa Rosa Primate Project in Costa Rica

Leah Orman is literally monkeying around. This biology student is helping research and protect capuchin monkeys for her international co-op.

A capuchin monkey in a tree.

‘Landmark in survey research’: How the COVID States Project analyzed the pandemic with objectivity

Four years ago David Lazer formed the Northeastern-led effort — resulting in more than 100 cutting-edge reports and national media coverage.

Alessandro Vespignani writing on a sheeg of paper with a red pen.

96-year-old senior center resident shocks Northeastern Hillel volunteers with an astounding story — her father donated their building to the university

Fay Wilgoren’s father was a Husky through and through. At 96, she’s sharing his incredible story.

Gabrielle Bailey sitting in a chair across from Fey Wilgoren talking.