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  • What Companies Can Do When They Wind Up On The Wrong Side Of Issues

    Forbes -- 04/06/2021

    Darin Detwiler is an assistant dean and associate teaching professor at the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies where he is focuses on corporate social responsibility and ethics. He observed that there are typical patterns when companies find themselves on the wrong side of a public policy issue. Detwiler said organizations will often.

  • How to quit your job without burning bridges

    The Seattle Times -- 04/06/2021

    Always. Typed and printed. “It can be really clinical and simple,” says Parker Ellen, assistant professor of management and organizational development at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business. State that you’re leaving, the date of your last day, whether that date is tied to the end of a contract or fiscal year, a line about your availability for transition responsibilities, and a sentence of gratitude. No need to say why you’re leaving or where you’re going.

  • And so it begins

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- 04/05/2021

    “Crazy as it may sound, it’s no longer unusual for potential presidential candidates to test the waters this early,” said William Mayer, a Northeastern University political scientist. “Of course, Pompeo hasn’t yet announced his candidacy, and he may ultimately decide not to run. But I can guarantee you that a number of other Republicans are thinking about running and thinking about various ways to call attention to themselves without formally announcing. If the Iowa or New Hampshire Republican Party needs a speaker for their next major meeting, they’ll have no shortage of eager volunteers.”…

  • Bill Gates vs The Pandemic: Inside the Gates Foundation fight against the Pandemic

    Fast Company -- 04/05/2021

    “A fundamental question is, Well, because you have the money, should you be able to control the architecture of global health?” asks Brook Baker, a North eastern University law professor focused on intellectual property rights and universal access to treatments for HIV/AIDS and COVID-19. “In many people’s minds, the Gates Foundation is playing a bigger role in establishing the foundation of global health than anything else, including the WHO.”…

  • Police crackdowns on illicit massage businesses pose harms to the women they aim to help

    The Washington Post -- 04/05/2021

    Other advocates say that further law enforcement intervention would do more harm, pointing to past efforts to police brothels that generally end with women — usually, women of color — in jail cells. Amy Farrell, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at Northeastern University in Boston, says society would be better served targeting the structural inequalities that might lead women to commercial sex work in the first place.

  • Businesses are coming back to life in Massachusetts as vaccinated people venture out

    Boston Globe -- 04/05/2021

    A major threat to the fledging recovery is the hesitancy of many people to get vaccinated, according to Alicia Sasser Modestino, an associate professor of public policy, urban affairs, and economics at Northeastern University. “We are going to hit a wall at some point where the progress on vaccines is going to stall out,” she said.

  • Is Mass. heading for a third coronavirus surge? These charts show why experts are worried

    Boston Globe -- 04/02/2021

    “It looks to me like we’re very much entering into another surge,” Northeastern University epidemiologist Samuel Scarpino said this week. At the same time, Scarpino said, this surge may not be as bad as the two previous ones, which hit last spring and last fall. Factors working in our favor include a rising level of vaccinations, especially among older residents and vulnerable populations, and the protection ramping up in the systems of those vaccinated weeks ago, he said.

  • A 4th COVID-19 Surge May Be Starting. How Bad Could It Get?

    NPR -- 04/02/2021

    Alessandro Vespignani, a disease modeler at Northeastern University in Boston, warns that relaxing measures like social distancing now could turn this into a bigger surge. Instead, he says, we need more time for the vaccination campaign to roll out. “We really need to keep fighting for a few weeks,” he says. “We see that light at the end of the tunnel and it’s just a matter of keeping things together for a few more weeks. It’s a matter of choice at this point.”…

  • Lawmakers, Advocates Question Need For New Women’s Prison In Massachusetts

    WBUR -- 04/01/2021

    “There’s a lot that can be done with $100,000 to help people get their lives into a good and productive place,” said Susan Sered, a sociology professor with Northeastern University’s Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights. “There’s a whole lot that can be done for $50 million, so this is a little bit mind-boggling.”…

  • J&J Confirms One Vaccine Batch Was Discarded, What Does That Mean for Mass.?

    NBC Boston -- 04/01/2021

    “This is really disturbing,” said Nada Sanders, who teaches supply chain management at Northeastern University. Sanders says think of this like what happened at the Suez Canal, where one major error backs up the flow of J&J vaccines.