In the Media

  • Boston Herald bidder known for cost-cutting

    Boston Globe -- 01/13/2018

    “If you have a single paper or a small chain, you have to do everything yourself and pay for it,” said Dan Kennedy, a media critic and Northeastern University journalism professor. A large chain such as GateHouse can spread out costs, do some things more efficiently, and potentially keep some small papers viable, he said. “It very may well be that some communities wouldn’t have a paper at all without GateHouse,” Kennedy said. On the other hand, he added, some communities could be better off in the long run if ailing newspapers are replaced by more robust online news sources.

  • The Swiss consider the lobster. It feels pain, they decide.

    The New York Times -- 01/12/2018

    Dr. Elwood’s position — and the Swiss government’s — is outside the scientific mainstream, said Joseph Ayers, a professor of marine and environmental sciences at Northeastern University in Boston. “I think the idea of producing such a law is just a bunch of people anthropomorphizing lobsters,” Dr. Ayers said, adding that there were other possible explanations for Dr. Elwood’s findings. “I find it really quite remarkable that people attribute to these animals humanlike responses when they simply don’t have the hardware for it.”…

  • Why a better economy won’t stop the opioid epidemic

    Vox -- 01/12/2018

    As Leo Beletsky, a professor of law and health sciences at Northeastern University, previously told me, “We have a lot of complex problems in this country. Without really addressing all of those physical, emotional, and mental health problems, just focusing on the opioid supply makes no sense — because people still have those problems.”…

  • Trump looks to build on tax victory despite weak polls

    Voice of America -- 01/12/2018

    Trump still has confidence in himself as a campaigner, and Northeastern University expert Costas Panagopoulos said the president might be energized to aggressively campaign in the midterms later this year. “This is where we see Trump excelling most, or at the very least, his passion and his interest seems to lie in the game (of politics), in the campaigning process,” Panagopoulos said in a Skype interview.

  • Chuck Johnson’s Twitter free speech suit is probably DOA

    Wired -- 01/11/2018

    Johnson claims that he relied on that promise, and by not holding up its side of the bargain, Twitter caused him harm. This, explains Woodrow Hartzog, a professor of law and computer science at Northeastern University, is a legal principle known as “promissory estoppel,” and it’s being argued with increasing frequency with regard to social media. “Social platforms are a natural place to test some of these theories, because of the power that they have and the importance of free speech in our democracy,” Hartzog says. And yet, he adds, “because it’s so broad, courts have been reluctant to embrace that theory with regard to the internet.”…

  • Documents offer glimpse of state’s push to woo Amazon

    Associated Press -- 01/11/2018

    The report appeared to arrive unsolicited under the heading of “How to win the bid for the new Amazon Headquarters.” Its authors included Ted Carman, president of a local company that consults with municipalities on housing and zoning policies, and Barry Bluestone, a Northeastern University economist with an expertise in housing.

  • New AD hails Northeastern as ‘forward-moving organization’

    Boston Herald -- 01/11/2018

    Northeastern University’s new athletic director, Jeff Konya, sounds very much like a man who plans to bring a new-age outlook to a Huskies program rich in old-school tenets.

  • Why the 25th Amendment won’t be used to remove Trump

    CBS News -- 01/11/2018

    “How do you demonstrate someone is psychologically unsound?” Robert Gilbert, a professor at Northeastern University and an authority on the 25th Amendment, told CBS News last year. This is still an open question, and unless Mr. Trump submits to a thorough examination by a team of unbiased mental health professionals, it’s not one with an easy answer.

  • Why are so many Americans crowdfunding their healthcare?

    Financial Times -- 01/11/2018

    According to a Gallup poll last December, 72 per cent of Americans believe the US healthcare system “has major problems” or is “in a state of crisis”. The strains are all too apparent. From 2005 to 2013, medical bills were the single largest cause of consumer bankruptcy in the US, according to Daniel Austin, a Northeastern University law professor. …

  • Sidney Gish: No Dogs Allowed album review

    Pitchfork -- 01/11/2018

    Sidney Gish’s story so far is a familiar one. By day, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter studies music business at Boston’s Northeastern University; by night, she digs deep into lo-fi bedroom pop, anti-folk, and uptempo rock jingles, adding to the wealth of catchy, oddball songs she’s been posting on Bandcamp since 2015.

  • BPD body cameras had some benefits, preliminary report on pilot program finds

    Metro -- 01/11/2018

    The analysis was written by researchers at Northeastern University and the final, full report is set to be released in June with more information on police-citizen encounters, police proactivity, police lawfulness and police-community relations.

  • Here’s what the early findings of Boston’s police body camera program show

    Boston Globe -- 01/10/2018

    The analysis was conducted by Northeastern University researchers Jack McDevitt and Anthony Braga. In the pilot program, 100 cameras were placed on patrol officers in five police districts, and plainclothes officers in the Youth Violence Strike Force, which tends to gang matters. There were 281 participating officers in total, and they typically worked day shifts. The age, race, sex, and experience levels of those in the pilot program were equitable to those in the control group, officials said.