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  • Biden’s global summit Covid-19 targets are woefully inadequate and must be corrected

    Stat -- 09/23/2021

    Brook K. Baker is a professor of law at Northeastern University in Boston and senior policy analyst for Health GAP (Global Access Project).

  • Amid proposals for travel vaccine mandates, is there a right to unfettered travel in the US?

    Poynter -- 09/23/2021

    “There is a constitutional ‘right to travel,’ but it isn’t absolute,” said Wendy E. Parmet, director of the Center for Health Policy and Law and Northeastern University.

  • Removing Urban Highways Can Improve Neighborhoods Blighted by Decades of Racist Policies

    Planetizen -- 09/23/2021

    Joan Fitzgerald, Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern University and Julian Agyeman, Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University…

  • Northeastern ‘to preserve Mills mission’ as global empire grows

    Times Higher Education -- 09/21/2021

    The campus, Northeastern’s 10th satellite, is currently a long-established women-only racially diverse liberal arts institution of architectural gems and manicured lawns in the forested hills overlooking downtown Oakland, twice the size of its new parent university’s Boston home.

  • Hasbro Children’s joins national study on long-term effects on COVID-19 in children

    Boston Globe -- 09/21/2021

    “We will build local networks of people affected by long COVID and representatives from advocacy organizations to help build links to affected families and communiques, and to quickly disseminate information back to them,” said Dr. Gabard-Durnam, a psychology professor and director of the Plasticity in Neurodevelopment (PINE) Lab at Northeastern.

  • Rise in labor trafficking abuse found across many US industries, study says

    Fox 10 -- 09/21/2021

    The study, which is the first to explore and focus on labor trafficking victimization among U.S. citizens, was conducted by researchers from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

  • Families, businesses optimistic with vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds near

    Marketplace -- 09/21/2021

    “Moms being able to step back into the labor force knowing for certainty that their kids will be able to attend school in person every day with minimal disruption,” said Alicia Modestino, an associate professor of public policy, urban affairs and economics at Northeastern University.

  • Role Of MCAS Exam Continues To Rile Massachusetts Education World

    WBUR -- 09/21/2021

    Louis Kruger, a Northeastern University professor emeritus and board member at Citizens for Public Schools, said MCAS carries “unintended negative consequences for underserved students.” “As one scholar has pointed out, standardized tests are almost as old as the gas-powered automobile,” Kruger said. “In both cases, it is now apparent that the overuse of these technologies has exacerbated their unintended consequences to such an extent that their (dis)advantages often outweigh whatever utility they might have had.”…

  • With The Underground, Darryl’s owner Nia Grace opens a new door

    Boston Globe -- 09/21/2021

    Nia Grace used to drive past the new LightView building on Northeastern University’s campus every day on her way to Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, the famed Roxbury restaurant she took ownership of in 2018. But she never imagined she might occupy it herself. Finding the right “dance partner” that would work both for students and for Roxbury was tantamount, said John Tobin, the university’s vice president of city and community engagement, especially after last summer’s racial reckoning prompted by the death of George Floyd and a push for local institutions to support communities of color by diversifying the people they do business with.

  • Single-cell proteomics takes centre stage

    Nature News -- 09/21/2021

    That study is one of at least half a dozen over the past year that have described single-cell proteomics strategies, tools and preliminary findings. And more are coming. In 2018, Nikolai Slavov, a systems biologist at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, hosted his first annual conference on single-cell proteomics, which attracted about 50 attendees. This year’s (mostly virtual) conference had more than 1,300. “The growth has been exponential,” he says.