In the Media

  • Chinstrap penguins are starving to death in Antarctica as the temperature hits record highs.

    Business Insider -- 02/14/2020

    Researchers from Northeastern and Stony Brook universities are using drones and a machine learning program to measure the losses.

  • Amy Klobuchar’s ‘surge’ proves media still has a ‘woman’ problem

    USA Today -- 02/14/2020

    The coverage they do get tends to be more negative: Northeastern University School of Journalism last spring analyzed almost 1,400 news articles from mainstream outlets and found “female candidates running for president are consistently being  described in the media more negatively than their male counterparts.” …

  • Disease modelers gaze into their computers to see the future of Covid-19, and it isn’t good

    Stat -- 02/14/2020

    “Year by year there have been improvements in forecasting models and the way they are combined to provide forecasts,” said physicist Alessandro Vespignani of Northeastern University, a leading infectious-disease modeler.

  • The Dark History of Quarantines in the United States

    Los Angeles Magazine -- 02/13/2020

    Often times, quarantines are used by politicians to show they’re taking a problem seriously, regardless of whether research finds them effective, says Wendy Parmet, a Northeastern University law professor.

  • McClatchy, Second-largest US Newspaper Group, In Bankruptcy

    International Business Times -- 02/13/2020

    Dan Kennedy, a journalism professor at Northeastern University who follows the sector, said McClatchy’s woes follow “the narrative that we’ve seen with corporate chain ownership” by accumulating debt that kept it from investing in future technologies.

  • Here’s How Computer Models Simulate the Future Spread of New Coronavirus

    Scientific American -- 02/13/2020

    Alessandro Vespignani, a physicist and director of the Laboratory for the Modeling of Biological and Socio-technical Systems at Northeastern University, leads a team that is simulating the novel coronavirus’s spread using official air-travel data and predicted commuting patterns among census populations.

  • A ‘slap in the face’ to federal prosecutors? Specialists weigh in on Boston Calling decision

    Boston Globe -- 02/13/2020

    Daniel Medwed, a law professor at Northeastern University, said judges seldom vacate a jury’s decision. “To some extent, it undermines the function of the jury ― that’s the fear at least,” he said.

  • The Public Writing Life: the Venue, the Pitch, and the Fee

    The Chronicle of Higher Education -- 02/12/2020

    For insights on how to connect with editors, I reached out to Liz Bucar, a professor of philosophy and religion at Northeastern University and project lead of the Luce-funded Sacred Writes: Public Scholarship on Religion. …

  • Missouri Finds Managing Pain Without Opioids Isn’t Fast Or Easy

    Huffington Post -- 02/12/2020

    “Covering a course of cheap opioid pills is different than trying to create a multidisciplinary individualized plan that may or may not work,” said Leo Beletsky, a professor of law and health sciences at Northeastern University in Boston, noting that the scientific evidence of the efficacy of such treatments is mixed.

  • Experiencing Trauma In Childhood Linked To Increased Risk Of Developing Dementia

    Forbes -- 02/12/2020

    Alisa Lincoln, Director of the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research at Northeastern University in Boston, hopes the evidence is enough to spur health care practitioners to acknowledge the longitudinal effects of ACEs—and to put more support and interventions in place to both prevent and treat them.

  • What’s in a Name? Why WHO’s Formal Name for the New Coronavirus Disease Matters

    Time -- 02/12/2020

    If the new name had included a reference to Wuhan it would put a “tremendous stigmatization on the people of Wuhan who are the victims” of the disease, Wendy Parmet, a law professor at Northeastern University and public health expert, tells TIME.

  • Warming oceans drive almost 60 per cent drop in chinstrap penguin population

    Science Focus -- 02/12/2020

    The researchers from Stony Brook University and Northeastern University in the US joined a Greenpeace expedition to the region, and surveyed chinstrap penguins on the important habitat of Elephant Island.