In the Media

  • Saved from Shuckers, Oysters Fight Rising Seas

    Scientific American -- 06/09/2021

    Restoration projects must also choose their sites carefully, said John Grabowski, a marine scientist at Northeastern University. They must be mindful of water quality and the softness of sediments so oysters don’t catch diseases or get buried in mud.

  • Elon Musk’s ‘Teslas in tunnels’ are a $52 million bet on the future of transit

    Fast Company -- 06/09/2021

    “Musk’s high-profile social media and other activity, for better or worse, keep him and his company in the public eye,” says Bruce Clark, an associate professor of marketing at Northeastern University in Boston. “That he is also a tech visionary appeals to a lot of people who are glad to see someone try to do big, audacious things for (his view of) the betterment of humankind. And his goofy side—getting stoned in public, shooting a convertible into space—appeals to the inner 13-year-old in a lot of us.”…

  • Should Facebook Be Held Liable if Its Advertising Algorithm Discriminates?

    Mother Jones -- 06/09/2021

    In 2019, Upturn partnered with researchers at Northeastern University and the University of Southern California to study the ad delivery algorithm. Ads the researchers placed for jobs in the lumber industry reached 90 percent men, while 85 percent of ads for supermarket cashiers were delivered to women.

  • Top Biden Energy Nominee Testifies About How Minorities Are Harmed By U.S. Policy

    Huffington Post -- 06/09/2021

    With the nomination of Shalanda Baker ― a Northeastern University law professor, former Air Force officer and author of “Revolutionary Power: An Activist’s Guide to the Energy Transition” ― the Biden administration is helping to address an issue of great importance to progressive activists and many Democratic lawmakers. …

  • The Logic of the Filing Cabinet Is Everywhere

    The Atlantic -- 06/08/2021

    Google figures only briefly in the The Filing Cabinet: A Vertical History of Information, a new book by Craig Robertson, an associate media-studies professor at Northeastern University, but it’s impossible not to think about the little search bars we live with every day while reading it.

  • A U.N. Declaration on Ending AIDS Should Have Been Easy. It Wasn’t.

    The New York Times -- 06/08/2021

    Given that development, “it would be really inconsistent for the U.S.” to oppose relaxing patent protections for H.I.V. drugs, said Brook Baker, a law professor at Northeastern University and senior policy analyst at the Health Global Access Project, an advocacy organization.

  • ‘Energy Justice’ Nominee Brings Activist Voice To Biden’s Climate Plans

    NPR -- 06/08/2021

    Shalanda Baker is a former Air Force officer and a law professor at Northeastern University. She co-founded and co-directed the Initiative for Energy Justice. An Energy Department announcement for her nomination mentions Baker’s recent book Revolutionary Power: An Activist’s Guide to the Energy Transition, where she “argues that the technical terrain of energy policy should be the next domain to advance civil rights.”…

  • The tight labor market has companies reconsidering whether a college degree is a must

    Fortune -- 06/07/2021

    Gauging a candidate’s aptitude for a job through a college degree is a relatively recent thing, says Northeastern University executive professor.

  • Why graphic novels could be an antidote to ‘doom scrolling’

    CBC Radio -- 06/07/2021

    “What always fascinated me so much about the form of comics in contradistinction to a photograph, for example, is the way it could put different time frames or temporality, as I like to think of it, together in one space,” said Hillary Chute, a professor of English, and Art and Design, at Northeastern University in Boston.

  • Your Echo is about to share your internet with your neighbors. Here’s how to opt out.

    Vox -- 06/07/2021

    “If this service is not providing you additional functionality you need, it certainly seems like this should be off,” Northeastern University associate professor of computer science David Choffnes told Recode. “Because there is only the potential for information to be shared above and beyond what there is today.”…