In the Media

  • As US newspapers slide toward abyss, a bidding war breaks out

    AFP -- 04/01/2021

    “Alden is offering a clean bid; they have cash and are waving it in front of the shareholders,” said Dan Kennedy, a Northeastern University journalism professor.

  • Suez Canal blockage by Ever Given to cost more than $1bn, say canal authorities

    The Independent -- 04/01/2021

    Stephen Flynn, professor of political science at Northeastern University, told CNBC this scale of disruption would have cascading effects. Knock-on disruptions include congestion at ports and vessels being delayed for their next scheduled journey.  …

  • How Counterfeit Covid-19 Vaccines And Vaccination Cards Endanger Us All

    Forbes -- 04/01/2021

    Ravi Sundaram, professor of computer science at Northeastern University, went further in an email interview. “The problem is worse than what Javier Guzman says – it is not restricted to malicious mafias and unwilling governments but there is passive connivance from big tech (search, social network, ads, e-commerce) in turning a blind eye to illegal sales so as not to restrict their own revenue spigot.”…

  • Why Democrats should settle for baby steps on gun control

    Los Angeles Times -- 04/01/2021

    A survey by researchers at Northeastern University estimated that 22% of guns are sold that way — as were, for example, the weapons used in a 2019 mass shooting in Midland and Odessa, Texas.

  • Can the Roux Institute Turn Portland Into a Tech Hub?

    Down East Magazine -- 04/01/2021

    Lewiston-raised tech investor David Roux and his wife, Barbara, donated $100 million to Boston-based Northeastern University to seed the institute, and the Harold Alfond Foundation has since given another $100 million in support. …

  • With older Americans largely vaccinated, more new COVID-19 cases among younger adults

    ABC News -- 04/01/2021

    “The rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases in teens and young adults is very troubling. Tragically, states — like Massachusetts — ignored the advice of public health officials and re-opened too quickly,” said Sam Scarpino, an assistant professor in the emerging epidemics lab at Northeastern University.

  • Chauvin’s lawyer asked a Black witness about anger, conjuring centuries-old tropes, scholars say

    The Washington Post -- 04/01/2021

    The defense counsel may not be aware of the racial overtones in his arguments, but his words paint Williams as someone whose anger overpowered and colored his perception of the event, according to Deborah A. Ramirez, professor of law at the Northeastern University School of Law.

  • Diverse Jury In Derek Chauvin Trial Could Lend ‘Perception Of Legitimacy’ To Deliberations

    GBH -- 03/30/2021

    GBH Morning Edition host Joe Mathieu spoke with Northeastern University law professor and GBH News legal analyst Daniel Medwed about what comes next.

  • Why Anti-Asian Hate Crime Is Not Being Charged Enough

    Bloomberg -- 03/30/2021

    Jack McDevitt, a Professor at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University and Director of the Institute on Race and Justice, discusses recent Anti-Asian hate crimes and why prosecutors are reluctant to charge hate crimes.

  • Supreme Court Decision To Consider Boston Marathon Bombing Case Could Have ‘Wide-Ranging Ripple Effects’ On High-Profile Cases

    GBH -- 03/29/2021

    GBH Morning Edition host Joe Mathieu spoke with Northeastern University law professor and GBH News legal analyst Daniel Medwed about the decision and its potential implications in other high-profile cases. …