In the Media

  • Trump: No health insurance, no visa

    CommonWealth Magazine -- 10/08/2019

    It’s a Catch-22, argues health law professor Wendy Parmet of Northeastern University. “The reason why immigrants are less likely to be [publicly] insured is because they’re less likely to be eligible for health insurance programs. Congress and states have decided not to provide coverage. They’re uninsured because of public policies.” …

  • Why Melinda Gates’s $1 billion pledge is a game-changer

    MarketWatch -- 10/08/2019

    Pivotal Ventures has previously invested in a female-led AI startup, funded a program at Northeastern University to get more women into tech, and helped fund a paid leave working group at the American Enterprise Institution and Brookings Institution.

  • The Florida spa raids were aimed at men, but women paid a far steeper price

    Boston Globe -- 10/07/2019

    “This is a situation where law enforcement has egg all over their face. Somebody’s got to go down for this. And it’s going to be the women,” said Amy Farrell, a criminologist who studies sex trafficking at Northeastern University. “That’s what happens in these cases. There’s a huge political pressure to prosecute somebody and at the end of the day, those are the people that are left standing.”…

  • States Are Depriving Innocent People of Their Second Amendment Rights

    Reason -- 10/07/2019

    Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox, an expert on mass shootings, shares Kopel’s concern that suddenly seizing guns can make violence more likely. “If you have an individual who’s angry, bitter, threatening other people, [and] owns a gun,” Fox told Reason‘s Nick Gillespie in August, “the attempt to take that gun away can actually precipitate the very violent act that you’re trying to prevent.”…

  • President Trump’s Hostility Towards Press Reaches New Low

    WGBH -- 10/07/2019

    On this week’s edition of Beat The Press, Emily Rooney was joined by Adam Reilly of WGBH News; Lylah Alphonse of U.S. News & World Report; Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University; and Callie Crossley of WGBH News.

  • Your Smart TV Is Watching You

    Science Friday -- 10/04/2019

    Dave Choffnes, associate professor of computer science at Northeastern University, and Nick Feamster, director of the Center for Data and Computing at the University of Chicago, join Ira to share what they each found when they looked into the spying habits of your smart devices. …

  • Here’s How to Type Faster on Your Phone

    The New York Times -- 10/04/2019

    Jack Dennerlein, an ergonomics researcher at Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences, said the study reinforced what other studies have shown: Two-handed typing is faster than one-handed typing.

  • Where Online Learning Goes Next

    Harvard Business Review -- 10/04/2019

    Widening the impact, The University of London and Northeastern University also offer credit towards an online bachelor’s degree for learners who complete the program.

  • Is Impeachment More Popular Because Of Ukraine? Or Because Voters Are Sheep?

    FiveThirtyEight -- 10/04/2019

    77 percent of adults in the United Kingdom and 75 percent in Canada support a universal basic income program meant to help people who lose jobs because of technological advancements, according to a recent poll conducted by Gallup and Northeastern University. Support for such a UBI program was much lower in the United States, at 43 percent.

  • SJC Tosses Involuntary Manslaughter Conviction Of Man Who Provided Heroin In Fatal Overdose

    WBUR -- 10/04/2019

    But Northeastern University law professor Leo Beletsky says if the case were upheld, it would have set a dangerous precedent. “If the government could charge every person who shares drugs with someone who subsequently dies, the way that the government had argued this case previously would essentially turn those friends, those partners, those co-users into potential murderers,” he said.

  • Vaping bans are supposed to help. But could they become a ‘public health disaster’?

    Los Angeles Times -- 10/04/2019

    Leo Beletsky, a public health professor at Northeastern University, said e-cigarette bans could create an unregulated, underground market for vaping products, triggering a proliferation of the untested e-cigarettes and cartridges that appear closely linked to the severe lung illnesses that have sent hundreds of people to the hospital. “Inadvertently, you’re actually pushing people toward the very same products that are causing the outbreak,” Beletsky said. “The bans seem really poorly configured to address the problem at hand.”…

  • Artificial gut aims to expose the elusive microbiome

    MIT News -- 10/03/2019

    This year, the research team is partnering with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Northeastern University, and the University of California at San Francisco to implement their first tests of microbiome samples to study links to Parkinson’s disease. …