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  • NU criminologist Jack Levin: More protest violence wouldn’t be surprising

    Boston 25 -- 01/14/2021

    Northeastern University Criminologist Jack Levin is concerned that we could see more violence associated with the change of presidential administrations. Last week rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol building as the House was preparing to certify the Electoral College’s election of Joe Biden.

  • Most people in Boston say they’ll get vaccinated; many Black residents are skeptical

    Boston Globe -- 01/14/2021

    The research is part of a collaboration among UMass Boston, Northeastern University, and the Boston Public Health Commission, which together have been surveying residents about the effects of the pandemic for months.

  • Can You Impeach A President Who Is No Longer In Office? It’s Not 100% Clear

    GBH -- 01/13/2021

     GBH Morning Edition host Joe Mathieu spoke with Northeastern University law professor and GBH News legal analyst Daniel Medwed to discuss the legal implications of impeaching the president for a second time in the last week of his term.

  • A dummy’s guide to how trade rules affect access to vaccines

    Mail & Guardian -- 01/13/2021

    Ronald Labonte, Professor and Distinguished Research Chair, Globalization and Health Equity, L’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa and Brook K. Baker, Professor of Law, Northeastern University…

  • Job Screening Service Halts Facial Analysis of Applicants

    Wired -- 01/13/2021

    Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor at Northeastern University who studies analysis of emotion, says a person’s face does not on its own reveal emotion or character. “Just by looking at someone smiling, you can’t really tell anything about them except maybe that they have nice teeth,” she says. “It is a bad idea to make psychological inferences, and therefore determine people’s outcomes, based on facial data alone.”…

  • Capitol riots: How many arrests so far?

    BBC News -- 01/13/2021

    As Northeastern University’s Max Abrahms, a political-science professor who studies counterterrorism, explains, it can take time to track down a suspect – for a variety of reasons. “This could be an individual who doesn’t have a lot of friends or colleagues,” Abrahms says.

  • Leading with data on the path to normalcy

    Tableau -- 01/11/2021

    In our recent conversation with Sam Scarpino, we discussed the data-driven path to normalcy, including vaccination rollout, data that are fundamental for measuring success, and the complexities inherent in delivering on broad public health goals. …

  • Revealed: The Shipworm Sex Tapes

    The New York Times -- 01/11/2021

    At the time, Dr. Shipway was a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of the marine biologist Dan Distel at Northeastern University, part of which is safely housed in a former World War II bunker. Dr. Distel, the director of Northeastern University Ocean Genome Legacy Center and an author on the paper, studies shipworm symbionts, which are the bacteria in the animal’s gills that allow them to break down cellulose in wood.

  • New York City Proposes Regulating Algorithms Used in Hiring

    Wired Magazine -- 01/08/2021

    The company recently had its technology audited for fairness by researchers from Northeastern University. She acknowledges that the bill’s auditing requirement could be tougher but says it’s unclear how to do that in a practical way, and it would be better to get something on the books. “The bill is moderate, but in a powerful way,” she says.

  • Labor Secretary Pick Walsh Is ‘Biden-esque’ Consensus-Builder

    Bloomberg -- 01/08/2021

    “I often half-jokingly refer to Marty Walsh as like a Swiss Army knife,” said John Tobin, a Walsh friend and administrator at Northeastern University. “The mayor checks a lot of boxes and appeals to a lot of different constituencies: He’s in recovery, he’s a cancer survivor, he was shot, his family’s from Ireland.”…