In the Media

  • Are video games bad for your kids? Not so much, experts now believe

    The Los Angeles Times -- 11/10/2017

    Magy Seif El-Nasr, director of the Game Design Program at Northeastern University, said parents should make an effort to learn about the games their kids are playing and to join them for a match or two.

  • Trump’s CNN attacks may hobble legal case to block AT&T-Time Warner deal

    Reuters -- 11/10/2017

    “His comments have soiled the process,” said John Kwoka, an economics professor at Northeastern University. “If I were AT&T’s lawyers I would certainly introduce them into the evidentiary record as meddling with what is really a law enforcement process.”…

  • “Climate change” and “global warming” are disappearing from government websites

    Vox -- 11/09/2017

    Jennifer Bowen, an associate professor at Northeastern University, reported in August that she was asked to remove the words “global warming” and “climate change” from a research grant application she submitted to the Energy Department. Officials have denied that there is any policy banning the use of these phrases.

  • The forgotten women scientists who fled the Holocaust for the United States

    Smithsonian Magazine -- 11/09/2017

    A new project from Northeastern University traces the journeys of 80 women who attempted to escape Europe and find new lives in America during World War II  …

  • Bob Schieffer: Old journalism, new media, and #fakenews

    WGBH -- 11/09/2017

    “We are not the opposition party. We are reporters,” Schieffer writes. “Our role is simply to ask questions and to keep asking until we get an answer.” It’s no longer that simple, of course, and Schieffer knows it. But we would all be better off if we could return to a time when the president and the public understood as well as Schieffer does exactly what journalism’s role is. And isn’t.

  • Why conservatives are more susceptible to believing in lies

    Slate -- 11/09/2017

    If “truth” is judged on the basis of Enlightenment ideas of reason and more or less objective “evidence,” many of the substantive positions common on the right seem to border on delusional. The left is certainly not immune to credulity (most commonly about the safety of vaccines, GMO foods, and fracking), but the right seems to specialize in it. “Misinformation is currently predominantly a pathology of the right,” concluded a team of scholars from the Harvard Kennedy School and Northeastern University at a February 2017 conference. A BuzzFeed analysis found that three main hyperconservative Facebook pages were roughly twice as likely as three leading ultraliberal Facebook pages to publish fake or misleading information.

  • Stop blaming mental illness for mass shootings

    Vox -- 11/09/2017

    Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox, a frequent writer on mass murder and mass shootings, and fellow researcher Emma Fridel analyzed a Stanford Geospatial Center database compiling shooters who killed four or more people since 1966. Of the 88 shooters who met that criteria, only 14.8 percent had been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. And even for them, it’s hard to say with any certainty that mental illness caused or contributed to their shooting.

  • Will concealed carry stop next Sutherland Springs slaughter in gun-toting Texas?

    USA Today -- 11/09/2017

    Like many Americans, I opened my Monday morning paper to find front page coverage of yet another mass shooting. Alongside the headline about the 25 parishioners and one unborn child killed by an armed intruder wearing black body armor and a Grim Reaper mask during a church service in Sutherland Springs, Tex., was a graphic depicting a timeline of the 10 deadliest shooting rampages in modern U.S. history. It was emphasized that half had occurred during the past five years.

  • GOP path to 2020 win: Dump Trump

    Boston Herald -- 11/09/2017

    Northeastern professor William Mayer sees only one good alternative for the Republican Party: nominate someone else as their presidential candidate in 2020.

  • Boston program pays ex-gang members to finish school

    CBS Boston -- 11/09/2017

    This three-year pilot program is privately funded. Researchers from MIT and Northeastern University will monitor the results to see if it is a success.

  • Renaming of Springfield’s Hampden County Hall of Justice as Roderick L. Ireland Courthouse to be celebrated Friday

    Mass Live -- 11/09/2017

    Since his retirement, Ireland has taken a position on the faculty of Northeastern University as a professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

  • The T-word: When is an attack terrorism?

    The Los Angeles Times -- 11/08/2017

    Northeastern professor Max Abrahms discusses the confusion around labeling violent tragedies as “terrorism.”…