In the Media

  • ‘Love That Bunch’ Immortalizes Lifelong Troublemaker Aline Kominsky-Crumb

    NPR -- 05/07/2018

    Ironically, Kominsky-Crumb’s publisher has decided to make this volume as portentous as possible. The introduction is by Hillary Chute, author of several books about comics and a professor at Northeastern University. Even Chute feels she’s got to bring in the big guns to make a case for Kominsky-Crumb’s place in comics history. “An art critic as powerful and exacting as The New York Times’ Roberta Smith understands the value of Kominsky-Crumb’s style,” Chute writes.

  • How business schools are teaching students about workplace harassment

    Boston Globe -- 05/04/2018

    Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business is going even further, overhauling its curriculum to, in part, weave issues facing working women into the fabric of its coursework, said dean Raj Echambadi. The school will take a two-pronged approach: teaching would-be leaders how to deal with sexual harassment while training future workers how to conduct themselves in the workplace.

  • Sketchbooks. Makerspaces. Student Startups. Inside America’s Largest Personalized Learning Experiment, How One Rhode Island ‘Lighthouse Laboratory’ Is Reimagining School

    The 74 -- 05/02/2018

    Part of that effort involved a partnership with Northeastern University’s NExT — Network of Experiential Learning Teachers — program, which connects educators from innovative schools across the nation to collaborate and share best practices. The university has long practiced what it preaches, with its college students participating in learning projects around the globe.

  • No more ‘flying blind’ on autism

    Boston Herald -- 05/02/2018

    “One of the problems when someone can’t tell you they’re distressed is these behaviors feel like they come completely out of the blue,” said Matthew Goodwin, a behavioral scientist at Northeastern University. “It’s about quality of life.”…

  • Lynching Memorial Forces Us To Confront Our Racist Past — And Present

    WBUR -- 05/02/2018

    With the opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, the nation’s first monument dedicated to the legacy of those terrorized by lynchings, I am haunted by the old saying, “the exception proves the rule.” In this case, the Montgomery, Alabama, memorial presents well over 4,000 exceptions to the rule of law, and equality before it, in the late 19th and mid-20th century.

  • Legislature, Baker could help UMass Boston find a healthy future

    Boston Globe -- 05/02/2018

    But at a recent hearing held by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, Richard Freeland, a former state higher education commissioner and president emeritus of Northeastern University, warned the Mount Ida acquisition will lead to the “cannibalization”of enrollment at UMass Boston.

  • T-Mobile and Sprint use magic words in seeking Trump approval: 5G and China

    MarketWatch -- 05/02/2018

    “The faster your pipes, the more you can stimulate newer kinds of applications,” including self-driving technology, said Kaushik Chowdhury, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Northeastern University.

  • GenX: Two Studies Show Growth Of Contaminated Water Areas

    Blue Ridge Public Radio -- 05/02/2018

      EWG worked with Northeastern University in Boston to create an analysis and map of perfluorinated compound problem areas. Phil Brown is a Professor of Health Sciences at Northeastern. “It became very clear very quickly that there were a lot of contamination episodes and the main reason we found them was not because government was reporting them but because they were reported by radio stations, by local newspapers, they were discovered by citizens groups, they were located and made public by very ordinary people who had no background in environmental health or political advocacy.”  …

  • When newsrooms fight their owners

    CNN -- 04/30/2018

    “They do have a reputation for being pretty much the worst of the worst,” said Dan Kennedy, an associate journalism professor at Northeastern University. He added that Digital First is known for its “relentless focus on the bottom line.”…

  • ‘This is a game changer’: Bill Cosby should steel himself for more sexual assault charges after guilty verdict, legal experts say

    The Independent -- 04/27/2018

    After the star’s guilty verdict, Daniel Medwed, a professor at Northeastern’s School of Law, said it may inspire other women to come forward – and encourage prosecutors to take note. He told The Independent that the verdict “might embolden prosecutors to consider pursuing criminal action in their own jurisdictions.”…

  • Bill Cosby conviction is a victory for #MeToo, legal game-changer: Experts

    People Magazine -- 04/27/2018

    “For decades, this intolerable, unacceptable behavior was the subject of whispering and now, we’re shouting, and the shouting is being heard,” says Daniel Medwed, a professor at Northeastern’s School of Law. “In many of these cases, the rules and the cultural norms historically were stacked against victims, and now, maybe the balance is shifting, making it a more even playing field.”…

  • Researchers want to use AI to ‘predict’ when crimes are gang-related

    Gizmodo -- 04/27/2018

    While more and more resources are being devoted to using AI to predict, prevent, or classify gang violence, some in the field are pushing back against the practice. Christo Wilson, assistant professor in computer and information science at Northeastern University, notes to the Verge that the AI’s predictions are only as good as the data used to train its predictions. Activists have long claimed the LAPD is overzealous in applying the gang classification. Thus, the AI may only reinforce these same biases.