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  • Four decades after court-ordered busing, Boston’s education gap remains

    Boston Globe -- 07/18/2018

    The divide between those who have access to the best schools and those who don’t could not be more stark. More than 80 percent of kindergarten students in Charlestown, the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and central Boston who enroll in the city’s school system attend a high-quality school — as measured by test scores — while only 5 percent of kindergartners in Mattapan do, according to the report by the Boston Area Research Initiative at Northeastern University. The school system commissioned the report.

  • Judges Can Require Drug Users On Probation To Remain Drug-Free, Court Rules

    WBUR -- 07/18/2018

    Leo Beletsky, associate professor of law and health sciences at Northeastern University, said the ruling is inconsistent. He said if Massachusetts allows the involuntary commitment of people to addiction treatment because their substance use is uncontrollable, then it’s not logical to say that someone can willfully violate a court order to remain drug-free.

  • Report: Black, Latino Students Being Kept From High-Performing Boston Schools

    NBC Boston -- 07/18/2018

    Dan O’Brien, the lead author of a new Northeastern University report, presented his findings to the School Committee on Monday night, which show that Boston has been unsuccessful in creating equal access to high quality schools.

  • How to survive your first Comic-Con experience

    CNET News -- 07/18/2018

    Hillary Chute, distinguished professor of English and art and design at Northeastern University, packs a pen and paper, as well as anything she can amuse yourself with. Chute is the author of the book Why Comics? Mertan carries sunscreen, as some of the lines snake outside, and the San Diego sun can be unforgiving. Violet Krueger, who runs the site GB Reviews with her husband, said that you can’t have enough power, so don’t forget your chargers and portable chargers. Sultana carries a filtered water bottle.

  • Syrian Student Worries About Her Future At Northeastern

    WGBH -- 07/18/2018

    In January, with the help of Northeastern’s lawyers, Dabbagh obtained a student visa and came to Boston. Since then, she’s avoided returning to Aleppo to visit her family.

  • Universal basic income would cost the US up to $3.8 trillion per year — Bridgewater estimate

    CNBC -- 07/18/2018

    In February a Northeastern University/Gallup survey of more than 3,000 U.S. adults showed 48 percent of Americans support universal basic income.

  • Face Recognition ‘Tickets’ Are Coming to Baseball Games

    Gizmodo -- 07/18/2018

    Woodrow Hartzog, Professor of Law and Computer Science at Northeastern University, explained to Gizmodo last year the real dangers of biometric convenience in a world where databreaches are common.

  • Democrats Overstate Kavanaugh’s Writings on the Affordable Care Act

    The New York Times -- 07/18/2018

    Judge Kavanaugh has written two dissenting opinions in the legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act while serving on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. In both cases, he refrained from making broad pronouncements about the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, said Wendy Parmet, a professor of health law at Northeastern University.

  • Amazon Alexa enrolls in Northeastern, where she’ll serve as a study buddy

    Digital Trends -- 07/18/2018

    For students at Boston’s Northeastern University, Amazon’s virtual assistant is much more than a helper around the house — she’s also lending a hand in college. While she likely won’t help anyone ace an organic chemistry test, she can help busy students keep track of other important information, like their class schedule, tuition due dates, and other logistics that the college crowd simply doesn’t have time for.

  • Amazon’s Alexa is going to college in Boston: ‘Alexa, when is my tuition due?

    CNBC -- 07/18/2018

    Students at Northeastern University in Boston are getting a little help from a familiar voice: Amazon’s Alexa.

  • Why Brett Kavanaugh Is a Huge Threat to Minority Rights

    Fortune -- 07/18/2018

    Martha F. Davis, associate dean for experiential education and professor of law at Northeastern University School of Law, discusses the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice.

  • Could See A U.S. And Global Recession By End Of 2019: Sri-Kumar

    Bloomberg -- 07/18/2018

    Vijay Govindarajan, Coxe Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck School, and Ravi Ramamurti, University Distinguished Professor at Northeastern University, discuss their new book, REVERSE INNOVATION IN HEALTHCARE, on how India can be the blueprint for healthcare in the US. Dan Hanson, UK Economist for Bloomberg Economics, on how Brexit is impacting the UK economy and how businesses will react to the uncertainty.