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  • Trump probe: US Justice Department appeals ‘special master’ orde

    Al Jazeera -- 09/09/2022

    Michael Meltsner, a law professor at Northeastern University in Boston, said earlier this week that an appeal of the judge’s ruling would likely succeed but also carries risks.

  • As concerns about PFAS rise, doctors scramble to learn about the toxic chemicals

    WBUR -- 09/06/2022

    In collaboration with others, Phil Brown, director of Northeastern University’s Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute, has compiled resources for individuals and medical professionals, detailing things like which labs doing PFAS blood testing are reliable and what diagnosis code to use.

  • What caused Pakistan’s deadly floods? From melting glaciers to ‘monster’ monsoon

    The Independent -- 09/06/2022

    Even government infrastructure such as dams and reservoirs were “woefully unprepared” in Pakistan, explained Auroop Ganguly, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Northeastern University.

  • The ABCs of AI, algorithms and machine learning (re-air)

    Marketplace -- 09/06/2022

    Bethany Edmunds, professor and director of computing programs at Northeastern University, compares it to cooking.

  • When Will the Heatwave in California End?

    Newsweek -- 09/06/2022

    Auroop R. Ganguly, director of the Sustainability & Data Sciences Laboratory at Northeastern University, previously told Newsweek that this so-called “global weirding” will only continue to worsen as greenhouse emissions skyrocket.

  • ‘We need rain’: Drought threatens the very foundation of some Boston buildings

    The Boston Globe -- 09/06/2022

    New efforts in green infrastructure offer another solution, said Michelle Laboy, an assistant professor of architecture at Northeastern University. …

  • What Babies Hear When You Sing to Them

    The Atlantic -- 09/06/2022

    When parents sing, they create a shared context for their tiny listener and themselves. “Music is a form of joint attention,” Psyche Loui, a Northeastern University professor studying music cognition, told me.

  • ‘Devastating’: Mass shootings obscure daily U.S. gun toll

    Associated Press -- 09/06/2022

    Victims killed in mass shootings make up about 1% of all those killed in gun homicides nationwide, despite headlines that instill fear in many Americans, said James Fox, a professor at Northeastern University who has created a database of mass killings stretching back to 2006 with The Associated Press and USA Today.

  • When driving, tires emit pollution. And EVs make the problem worse

    Bloomberg -- 09/06/2022

    “In our lab it’s usually just one or two hours,” says the study’s lead author, Zhenyu Tian, now a professor at Northeastern University. “In the field, they struggle for an afternoon, and they die.” …

  • What’s at stake in the Suffolk Country District Attorney’s race?

    WGBH -- 08/30/2022

    Northeastern University law professor and GBH legal analyst Daniel Medwed joined Morning Edition hosts Paris Alston and Jeremy Siegel to discuss the ramifications of the latest events. This transcript has been lightly edited.