In the Media

  • How New York’s spiraling coronavirus outbreak could affect Mass.

    Boston Globe -- 03/25/2020

    With 1,159 cases and 11 deaths so far, Massachusetts is already experiencing its own local outbreak, which is likely driving the state epidemic’s growth far more than any potential spillover from New York, said Samuel Scarpino, an epidemiologist at Northeastern University.

  • Social distancing, politicized: Trump allies are urging an end to isolation, worrying public health experts

    Stat -- 03/25/2020

    Attitudes like Falwell’s represent “an absurdly callous perspective,” said Wendy Parmet, a Northeastern University law professor who specializes in health care and bioethics.

  • Density Is Normally Good for Us. That Will Be True After Coronavirus, Too.

    The New York Times -- 03/24/2020

    “This does feel like something that’s going to set all of that back a little bit,” said Sara Jensen Carr, a professor of architecture, urbanism and landscape at Northeastern University.

  • Unplug Your Smart Speakers While You’re Working From Home

    Gizmodo -- 03/23/2020

    Recent research from Northeastern University and Imperial College London suggests that users can inadvertently activate their smart speakers between 1.5 and 19 times a day.

  • How firms move to secret offices amid Covid-19

    BBC News -- 03/23/2020

    Although some firms have spent huge sums of money to ensure they have backup offices ready and waiting, it’s important to realise that this is a luxury, says Daniel Aldrich, director of the security and resilience program at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • An economy put in a ‘medically-induced coma’

    CommonWealth Magazine -- 03/23/2020

    Michael Goodman, an economic sociologist and director of the Public Policy Center at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, says the best way to understand things was offered recently by Northeastern University economist Alan Clayton-Matthews, who said we’ve opted to put the global economy into a “medically-induced coma.” How the patient will fare is now anybody’s guess. …

  • Journaling during the pandemic, for yourself and the historians

    Boston Globe -- 03/23/2020

    “Digital media and technology is amazing in many ways, but it also has a lot of problems,” said Dan Cohen, the dean of libraries at Northeastern University, whose extensive documentation of firsthand accounts following the Sept. 11 attacks is in the Library of Congress. “A physical diary, if you stick it in your attic, you’ll likely be able to read that in a century or two. That really doesn’t happen with digital media.”…

  • How the Virus Got Out

    The New York Times -- 03/23/2020

    Alessandro Vespignani, professor and director of the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University•  Alessandro Vespignani, professor and director of the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University…

  • Cellphone tracking could help stem the spread of coronavirus. Is privacy the price?

    Science Magazine -- 03/23/2020

    For example, a basic symptom-checking app could do more than just keeping people who don’t need urgent care out of overstretched emergency rooms, says Samuel Scarpino, an epidemiologist at Northeastern University. Health researchers could use also use location data from the app to estimate the size of an outbreak. “That could be done, I think, without risking being evil,” he says.

  • Coronavirus and the contagion of fear

    CBS News -- 03/23/2020

    David DeSteno is a psychology professor at Northeastern University who’s studied how fear can drive us batty. “We’re supposed to be the rational animal,” he said. “But there’s a lot going on in your head that’s kind of under your conscious radar.”…

  • Coronavirus Could Overwhelm U.S. Without Urgent Action, Estimates Say

    The New York Times -- 03/23/2020

    “You have to think of this as an insurance for the future: The earlier you do it, the greater effect you have on the virus,” said Alessandro Vespignani, director of the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, who said the estimates were in line with his own projections. “It’s better to take excessive precautions than not.”…

  • Will COVID-19 Be A Death Knell For Some News Outlets?

    WGBH -- 03/23/2020

    Emily Rooney was joined via Skype by Northeastern University’s Dan Kennedy to discuss.