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Northeastern establishes thematic Living Learning Communities

Incoming Honors students at Northeastern University will be invited to join one of four new Living Learning Communities, each reflecting an element of the university’s academic engagement with the world, built around a century of innovation in experiential learning and co-op.

The communities will offer students the opportunity to craft their education around a thematic area of special interest—connected to real-world issues—that complements their major and provide experiential and research opportunities at the cross-section of disciplines. The themes include:

• Science, Technology, and Human Values – Focus on behavioral neuroscience and pharmacy, engineering, and computer science
• Social Development – Focus on international business, entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development
• Conflict and Peace Building – Focus on contemporary conflicts, negotiations and peace processes
• Inquiry, Advocacy, and the Social World – Focus on public policy, practice and social issues

Students in the four Living and Learning Communities will explore these themes through various focused experiential learning opportunities in research and on the global scale, as well as rigorous course work, and social, cultural and community service-based activities.

“This important initiative gives Honors students greater opportunities to immerse themselves in research, interdisciplinary courses and experiential learning options that align with their intellectual interests,” said Northeastern Provost Stephen Director.

All of the LLCs will also include a first-year inquiry course, an interdisciplinary seminar, support for competitive grants and awards, in addition to the existing opportunities that are part of Honors at Northeastern: Honors courses and projects; increased connections to faculty; special off-campus events and programs; and a support network of faculty advisors, mentors, Honors Program leaders and staff.

Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Life Philomena Mantella noted that the new Honors LLCs are part of Northeastern’s student-centered approach to education.

“We have a strong tradition of being in tune with the interests of students,” Mantella said. “Our current Honors students played a role in helping us develop these new LLC options, which maximize Northeastern’s strengths as a university engaged with the world.”

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