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  • Will Trump be ratings gold for Fox News?

    The Hill - 07/28/2015

    Donald Trump’s celebrity — and intrigue as to how the other Republican candidates will deal with his presence — could deliver a ratings boost for the first GOP debate, set for Fox News on Aug. 6.

    The audience will not be as big as the first season finale of Trump’s NBC series “The Apprentice,” when 28 million viewers tuned in, but the interest around him, together with the rebukes he has drawn from other Republican contenders, could at least spike viewership beyond what would otherwise be expected.

    “Mr. Trump has shown himself to be a huge presence in the media already,” said Alan Schroeder, a Northeastern University professor and the author of Presidential Debates: 50 years of High-Risk TV. “I think a lot of people are going to be interested in seeing his interactions on the stage with the other candidates.”

    In 2012, the Republican primary debates drew audiences ranging from a low of 3.2 million (an early CNN clash) to a high of 7.6 million (for an ABC encounter in the month preceding the Iowa caucuses).

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