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  • Will a U.S.-India working group do the bidding of the pharma industry?

    The Wall Street Journal - 10/08/2014

    “The US has created IP working groups and other trade working groups in the past,” Brook Baker, a professor at Northeastern University School of Law and a senior policy analyst for Health GAP, an advocacy group, writes us. “And in each instance, the working groups, which include advisors who strongly favor stronger US-style patent… protections for medicines, push for longer, stronger, and broader intellectual property protections and intellectual property enforcement measures.

    “The U.S. government is on record, both in trade agreements and in its annual [priority] watch list, that it opposes India’s strict standards on pharmaceutical patents.  The U.S. pharmaceutical fox will be in the India hen house protecting the U.S.’s pharmaceutical giants instead of poor patients in India and elsewhere who need access to more affordable medicines.”

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