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  • WiFi-Extending Robot is built like a tank — we talk to the people behind the project (video)

    Engadget - 08/06/2012

    It’s a fairly menacing sight, an aluminum robot sporting big tank treads — that is, until you watch one of its creators do a handstand on top of the thing in a pair of cargo shorts. And really, while the ‘bot wouldn’t look too out of place with a small machine gun strapped to its front, its intentions are peaceful, seeking to extend the WiFi connections to hazardous places lacking in network infrastructure. We first heard about the project last week, when the team of computer and electrical engineers at Northeastern University that created it first revealed their work to the media. A visit this weekend to our favorite Somerville, Massachusetts-based hackerspace provided the opportunity to check out the beast in-person and discuss the project with a couple of its creators.

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