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  • Why do so few women edit Wikipedia?

    Harvard Business Review - 06/02/2016

    When Joseph Reagle, an assistant professor at Northeastern University and author of Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia, and his colleague compared biographies from the English-language Wikipedia and the online Encyclopaedia Britannica, they found that Wikipedia dominates Britannica in biographical coverage (largely due to the fact that it’s just much bigger), but more so when it comes to men. Britannica is more balanced in whom it neglects to cover. And others have found biases in the representation of female scientists and novelists on the site.

    “Wikipedia is a representation of knowledge. If you go there, and you don’t see any female representation or role models, it shows an implicit bias in the way things are ordered and prioritized,” Reagle said. “That can have a significant effect on people.”

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