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  • Why do people join ISIS? The psychology of a terrorist

    International Business Times - 09/05/2014

    For many, the only way to learn about ISIS is through the news, or through social media. It is not often we hear honest accounts of why people join terrorist organizations, Max Abrahms, an expert on terrorism from Northeastern University, said.

    “If you ask terrorists why they joined an organization after they have been in it, they will pair it with the official line of the group,” Abrahms said. “But in reality they don’t join the group for that reason.”

    For the members of ISIS, joining the group means promoting the creation of an Islamic caliphate and ridding it of infidels. Last month Vice Media gained exclusive access to some ISIS fighters. In a documentary, Vice interviewed Iraqi and Syrian children who said they wanted to become part of ISIS so they could kill infidels.

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