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  • When something goes viral he gets going

    Boston Globe - 04/01/2015

    The blue-and-black dress, which appeared white and gold (to some) in the now-infamous photo, would become a hot topic on Buzzfeed, Twitter, even morning talk shows. Weirdly, for a day — maybe a bit more — the dress was the topic in pop culture. It was inescapable.

    Turns out that the epicenter of that digital earthquake was a Tumblr user called mushroombeast. “That [expletive] white/gold/blue/black dress on Tumblr has ruined my life,” she tweeted.

    Devin Gaffney, a PhD student in network science at Northeastern University, thinks that was the tweet that started it all.

    Gaffney, 27, tracks viral cascades, a term used to describe “the phenomenon of content spreading quickly and widely through a human social network via its digital shadows.”

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