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  • Warmer weather could mean more mass shootings

    Vice - 05/06/2016

    Yet experts still tend to note spikes in general and specifically gun violence alike beginning in the spring. Some tend to claim that the increase is simply a result of warm weather drawing people out of winter hibernation in their homes, bringing more potential shooters into contact with more potential victims.

    This doesn’t change the fairly random nature of mass shootings, according to James Fox, a professor at Northeastern University specializing in mass murders and gun violence. But the weather may bolster the odds of someone with a gun coming across someone else he or she wants to shoot. It also probably increases the chance that when bullets fly into a crowd, they might injure a significant number of people. “The lifestyle changes that occur with warmer weather create more opportunities for [mass shootings] to happen,” Fox explains, summarizing the grim equation.

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