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  • Vocational high schools make pitch as solution to Mass. workforce woes

    WGBH - 03/29/2016

    Protests from students in Boston and formal requests for more aid from local school boards are creating a groundswell of support for more state aid that lawmakers won’t be able to miss.

    The group came armed with the results of a survey to prop up their claims that practical workforce training for teenager is money well spent. Produced by Northeastern University’s Barry Bluestone, a well-regarded expert on the local economy, the survey shows that 90 percent of the employers asked agree that the state should increase the number of vocational school graduates. Three quarters of those employers say they prefer to hire vocational graduates for entry-level jobs and 61 percent prefer them for higher-level positions.

    Bluetone said estimates show the state will need to fill over one million job openings by 2022, setting up a “gargantuan workforce training challenge” facing the Commonwealth.


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