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  • US commandos take part in Yemen rescue mission

    Voice of America - 11/26/2014

    A day after the Pentagon refused to comment, a defense official told VOA that the U.S. military “supported and cooperated with Yemeni forces” in an operation that freed Yemeni hostages and an Ethiopian.

    Yemeni officials had said earlier that Tuesday’s raid, in an eastern portion of the country known as an al-Qaida safe haven, also resulted in the deaths of seven suspected al-Qaida fighters.

    Max Abrahms, an assistant professor of public policy at Northeastern University in Boston and a terrorism expert, said that with or without U.S. involvement, the operation was noteworthy.

    “It worked in two senses,” Abrahms said. “The first is there was a release of hostages. And several of the hostage-takers were killed.”

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