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  • Twitter Cards Users Get to Play With a Full Analytics Deck

    Ecommerce Times - 01/27/2014

    “One of the things that is happening a lot lately, in terms of development of new tools for analyzing and visualizing Big Data, is having to take that data and translate it into something different,” said Alessandra Renzi, assistant professor in emergent media at Northeastern University.

    “Twitter is one of those spaces where the data is still very raw and hasn’t been used very much. Scientists and engineers have been working on systems to pull this data and make sense of it differently,” she told the E-Commerce Times.

    “A lot of these platforms thrive on being able to take metadata and information about their users and sell it to third parties or to develop other apps that could be added to the service to attract more users,” Renzi noted. “If we think about Twitter as a company that is interested in developing these services and attracting new customers, this kind of project is one that is potentially going to be very successful.”


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