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  • The words female professors hardly ever hear from student reviews

    Fast Company - 02/12/2015

    It’s no secret that women face double standards in the workplace, and that this is reflected in the words others use to describe them. Women are abrasive (a word mennever see in their performance reviews). Men are assertive. Women are bossy. Men take charge.

    But ingrained stereotypes start way before enter the job market. This is demonstrated powerfully by a search tool created by Benjamin Schmidt, an assistant professor of history at Northeastern University, which looks at the words used in 14 million student reviews on the site To use it, type in any word and you can see how often it appears in reviews of female professors versus male professors. (The results are broken down by field of study and normalized by gender, which takes into account that no fields have a 50/50 gender breakdown of female and male professors).

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