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  • The war on potholes has a new weapon

    Smithsonian Magazine - 03/30/2015

    If you’ve driven a car the past few weeks, you’ve hit a pothole or ten. Every year, we know they’re coming, and yet we’re still dumbfounded by their sheer number and capacity for destruction.

    And, we wonder, why does this go on? I mean, we have driverless cars, but every spring our roads still crumble like stale cake. The best we can manage, it seems, is a mad scramble of patching, little more than a blitz of damage control.

    But there may be hope for a more proactive pothole strategy. A team of scientists at Northeastern University in Boston has created a special van with sensors, microphones and cameras that not only can detect every crack in a street, but also has ground-penetrating radar to pinpoint where holes are likely to form in the future.

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