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  • The three keys to a winning mentality

    BostInno - 10/05/2015

    Every year in the second week of September, the Northeastern University Powerlifting Team holds a tryout period to recruit new members into the powerlifting community. During the final tryout practice of the year, I realized something important. As a returning member of the team, I was giving advice to one of the guys who was trying out on how to improve his deadlift. I told him that one of the most important thing for success in powerlifting is having the right attitude.

    Although his deadlift technique was pretty good, he was missing an equally important element of success: the aggressive attitude. When I say “aggressive,” I don’t mean hostile or belligerent. In this context, having an aggressive attitude means approaching something while acknowledging its difficulty, but taking it on optimistically with a clear vision of the desired outcome. This ideology holds true across various activities, from powerlifting to test-taking to hitting sales quotas, and more.

    No matter what the activity, one of the largest determinants of success is your mentality. The hard truth is if you don’t believe you can succeed, you probably won’t. Therefore, the easiest way to improve your chances at success is to adopt a winning mentality.


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