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  • The perversion of paid patriotism

    The Huffington Post - 11/05/2015

    The relationship between sporting events and our armed services always seemed firmly based on pure patriotism. The men and women who serve our country in the armed forces certainly deserve recognition and respect. At these sporting events, fans appropriately stand and applaud the waving military. Now, thanks to a Congressional report, we find out that the Pentagon paid sports teams $6.8 million for these various “patriotic events” that honored soldiers and veterans.

    There is nothing wrong with advertising and promoting the military services. Each of our armed services needs recruits. That is the only way the volunteer armed services can survive and thrive, especially in a time of what appears to be perpetual war. Although some politicians will rail against the practice of paying teams as a waste of public funds, that is not the real problem. The dysfunction lies in not disclosing the practice of paid patriotism.

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