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  • The Boston Olympics

    Huffington Post - 01/13/2015

    The Hub is all a’twitter about its selection as the United States’ candidate city for the 2024 Olympics. Those of us who call Boston home understand why it has progressed so far in the selection process. It has a great sports tradition. It can fulfill its promise in a timely and efficient manner. Yet, the people of Boston are still not sure whether it is a good idea to host the Olympics.

    I must admit that I am not sure that it is a good idea. Folks who have studied the economics of the modern Olympics, like Andy Zimbalist, present a convincing case that it makes no economic sense to pour billions into a sports festival that lasts for about two weeks. The Olympics crushed Montreal and Athens financially. If prior experience is a valid predictor, the projected $5 billion price tag for Boston’s sports festival will be inflated by many multiples. And if you thought the Big Dig disrupted the City, just wait.

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