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  • Taking the Real Food Challenge

    In the Media - 10/04/2013

    Tricia Kiefer is a student at Northeastern University who cares about the way she eats. She’s passionate about the importance of consuming honest, healthy, and local food as a way to support a sustainable food system and create social change.

    “I had a community garden on Symphony Road, and it felt empowering to grow my own food to make dinner,” shares Tricia. She was inspired to explore ways in which her school could provide more healthy options from local sources.

    She’s not alone. With the increasing awareness of labor, environmental and health issues, the food movement has entered the spotlight on college campuses nationwide.

    Luckily, Tricia knew the perfect solution. She had just completed an internship with the Real Food Challenge (RFC), so she knew about its campaign to help colleges and universities shift $1 billion in existing food budgets towards local, fair, ecologically sound and humane food, also known as “real” food. Tricia began working with other Northeastern students to launch the RFC campaign on campus.

    “Food is a beautiful way to make change because it has so many components — the labor issues, environmental issues, local economy issues of small farmers versus conventional farms. Food is a personal way to make change because you’re so directly in touch with it,” says Tricia.

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