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  • Sports And The Media: A Conflicted Relationship

    WBUR - 08/31/2013

    “Yeah, you know it really isn’t the coverage of the Red Sox as a baseball team,” said Dan Kennedy, an assistant professor of journalism at Northeastern university and a frequent media commentator. “I’m not worried that suddenly trades the Red Sox make will be evaluated in a more positive light, but the Red Sox are really a very significant business and civic player in Boston.”

    Kennedy believes everyone will be watching to make sure the Globe doesn’t waver in its journalistic pursuit of the Red Sox, a lesson the newspaper can learn from ESPN.

    “People often talk about there’s not enough diversity in the media,” he said. “In fact sometimes in moments like this you see that there’s more diversity than maybe we realized because this has been widely reported by other media. It’s been a real negative for ESPN.”


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