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  • Six tips for using standing desks correctly

    Boston Magazine - 05/10/2016

    Chances are, you know somebody who switched to a standing desk after reading those sobering studies about how bad sitting is for your health. The problem is, though, ergonomic guidelines for using the desks are scant, so arranging them can involve a lot of guesswork.

    Jack Dennerlein, a professor in the Northeastern University Department of Physical Therapy, Movement, and Rehabilitation Science, set out to develop universal standards by first studying how people use and adjust standing desks. The results were published last week in the journal Human Factors.

    Dennerlein and his team found that work stations aren’t one-size-fits-all, and that people are naturally inclined to rearrange their spaces in ways that work for their bodies. We caught up with him to discuss his findings, and how you can make your standing desk work for you.

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