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  • Scientists: We shouldn’t bring back extinct species

    Gizmodo - 02/27/2017

    We really don’t have a good handle on how expensive these resurrection programs might be, since are are lots of unaccounted-for costs we don’t need to think about when we protect existing species wrote Ronald Sandler, a professor in the Department of Philosophy, Northeastern University, in a Nature commentary. Those costs includes new technology, the fact that we don’t much about the species itself, and any other hazards we aren’t thinking of.

    “Calculating the conservation costs and benefits is not sufficient,” he wrote. “It is also necessary to assess the ethical arguments offered for and against it — for example, those concerning justice, intrinsic value, cultural value, and hubris.” He suggested we come up with strategies to help us decide whether or not we want to bring a species back, define how we feel about this issue, and stick to our decision-making framework.

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