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  • Salamander’s Genome Guards Secrets of Limb Regrowth

    Scientific American - 07/10/2018

    In James Monaghan’s lab at Northeastern University in Boston, Johanna Farkas, a postdoc, handed me a pair of what looked like sunglasses. We were facing shelves lined with dozens of axolotl tanks; the lab keeps about 400 or 500 animals. (“There might be more in this room than there are in the wild now,” Farkas said.) The snub noses of the salamanders, drawn to the fronts of their tanks when people enter the room, followed us back and forth. Farkas told me to look at a large adult axolotl whose skin has a yellowish cast. After I put on the sunglasses, she pointed a blue flashlight at the animal, who shone vivid green.

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