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  • ‘Rocks for jocks’ at UNC

    Huffington Post - 10/26/2014

    Freshmen in Arts & Sciences at Cornell in the 1960s were required to take a science course. I took chemistry, but should have taken geology. Chemistry was way too challenging for someone who came to Ithaca to study political science. Geology, I was told, was a course designed for athletes. It was known colloquially as “Rocks for Jocks.”

    Every college has course offerings that require a minimum of time and effort and present little risk of failure. Athletic advisors know how to use these courses to construct a student’s course of study that will allow football and basketball players to achieve the grade point averages they need under NCAA rules to maintain their eligibility. No one is taking chemistry, especially if that course requires quantitative analysis. The NCAA knows that this is the way of college life for many of those young men who play in the revenue sports of football and basketball.

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