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  • Researchers create 3D printed medical gear tailored to babies

    TechCrunch - 10/27/2015

    “With neonatal care, each baby is a dif­ferent size, each baby has a dif­ferent set of prob­lems,” said Ran­dall Erb, assis­tant pro­fessor at Northeastern. “You can print a catheter whose geom­etry is spe­cific to the indi­vidual patient, you can insert it up to a cer­tain crit­ical spot, you can avoid punc­turing veins, and you can expe­dite delivery of the contents.”

    The researchers described their technology in a recent paper.

    The system uses both plastic and ceramic fibers to create rigid and highly exact objects. The ceramic fiber is place in various configurations in the object to make the holes and curves in the object more durable. The researchers said this is the same system used by “bones to tree” to create naturally strong objects.

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