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  • R.J. Cutler on Trump’s brand bump

    Yahoo! - 07/26/2015

    The Republican party made a concerted effort this cycle to gain more control over presidential primary debates, limiting their number in hopes of avoiding the spectacle of 2012, when such gatherings started taking on the feel of a reality show.

    How is the plan working out?

    “Not very well,” says Alan Schroeder, professor at Northeastern University in Boston and author of “Presidential Debates: 50 Years of High Risk TV.”

    “The party itself abdicated its responsibility and allowed the networks to pretty much determine not only how they are going to be run, but who gets to be in them.”

    The first primary debate will be on Aug. 6 on Fox News, which is limiting the main event to the top 10 candidates selected from the results of five national polls.

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