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  • Patients, doctors see benefits of sharing medical records

    Reuters - 02/24/2015

    Patient access to physician notes, historically rare, has led to more collaborative doctor-patient relationships and more engaged health care consumers, according to a new paper online February 10 in the British Medical Journal.

    “Regardless of one’s competence, health information is often quite opaque,” said coauthor Michael Meltsner, a professor at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston.

    Meltsner and his two coauthors, Dr. Tom Delbanco and Jan Walker, both at Beth IsraelDeaconess Medical Center in Boston, evaluated data on 19,000 patients and 105 primary care physicians using OpenNotes at three U.S. hospitals.

    After one year, 99% of patients wanted to continue accessing notes. Despite initial concerns among physicians about additional work, none decided to discontinue use.

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