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  • Online recruitment strategies heat up for colleges and universities

    U.S. News University - 07/09/2014

    Tried-and-true email campaigns and Web pages may not be sufficient anymore for striking a chord with college-bound individuals. Forbes revealed that some schools are utilizing Skype and other video calling services to conduct applicant interviews, while others are texting prospective students to remind them of application deadlines.

    Meanwhile, sites like YouVisit are completely changing the game when it comes to tours. More than 1,000 forward-thinking schools have been using the site to give prospective students an opportunity to explore the campus right from their own computers. Texas Tech University’s page, for example, provides a 360-degree view of the classroom buildings, recreation centers, dorm rooms and even athletic stadiums simply by dragging a cursor around the photos. Some schools, like Northeastern University and Dartmouth College, include a virtual student tour guide who narrates the experience on screen.

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