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  • Northeastern says smoke-free policy will encourage students, rather than punish them - 05/20/2013

    Shortly after Northeastern University announced plans to be a smoke-free campus in the fall, school officials clarified the policy, saying that students caught smoking would not be fined or punished, but rather encouraged to quit with the help of university resources.

    Terry Fulmer, dean of the Bouve College of Health Sciences at Northeastern, said Tuesday in a phone interview that the university will follow a “public health model,” meaning it will provide education and support to help smokers quit.

    “We believe that it will be self enforced, from student to student, peer to peer, that students will remind each other that the campus is smoke-free,” Fulmer said.

    Northeaster plans offer groups and free nicotine patches to its community members, she said. In addition, signs indicating the campus is smoke-free will be placed on campus.

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