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  • Northeastern proved it belonged in NCAA tournament

    Boston Globe - 03/20/2015

    Sometimes it feels as though we are on the outside of this magical American three-week hoop holiday. It’s like the Miss America pageant, the national Mickey Rourke Tanning Championships, or a competition to see who can make the best chicken fried steak.

    Technically, our quaint little Boston schools are eligible, and usually one or two earn an invitation to the Big Dance, but nobody really takes us seriously. We are spectators in this Bracket Bonanza, like folks in Miami watching the Winter Olympics.

    Not Thursday. As part of a subregional grouping that included the mighty likes of Villanova, LSU, Texas, and Notre Dame, Northeastern University came to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in a quarter-century and scared the hell out of the ACC champs from South Bend, Ind., before losing by 4 points.

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