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  • Newtown shooter Adam Lanza ‘was obsessed’ with mass murderers

    CNN - 02/19/2013

    New details are emerging about Adam Lanza and how spent his time in the lead up to the massacre that left 20 children and 7  adults dead.

    A source with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN Lanza “was obsessed” with mass murderers.

    One of those, according to CBS and The Hartford Courant, is Norwegian mass-murder Anders Brievik, who killed 77 people in 2011.

    Reporters for the Hartford Courant and CBS also say a trove of violent video games were found in Lanza’s basement and that he played them all the time.

    OutFront tonight: Professor of Criminology at Northeastern University Jack Levin, and Harvard Medical School Psychologist, William Pollack.

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