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  • Move over Millennials: Generation Z is entrepreneurial and plans on working independently

    Fast Company - 11/25/2014

    Millennials might make up the majority of the workforce in the next few years, but Generation Z—made up of people born in the mid-’90s or later—isn’t far behind. There’s something a bit unsettling about the name (are there any generations left after Z?), but according to a new national survey, this segment of the population is all about planning for the future.

    The survey, conducted by Northeastern University, asked over 1,000 teenagers between ages 16 and 19 about their thoughts on the future, finances, and technology. Perhaps chastened by seeing their parents struggle with the financial downturn just a few years ago, 60% of respondents are concerned about having enough money, and 64% are worried about getting a job. They’re really not excited by the prospect of student loan debt (who is?), and a quarter of all respondents don’t think they could handle any debt at all.

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