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  • Money Matters (But Not As Much As You Think It Does)

    Forbes - 09/11/2013

    So when you’re out looking for a job, the dollar value of your time is a serious issue. But once you shake your new boss’s hand and are led to your workstation, what motivates you to do your bestwork? Whether you admit it or not, money is probably not at the top of the list.

    “I think managers or companies get into trouble when they view money as the only motivator and overlook other aspects of the organization,” sayLeonard J. Glick, professor of management and organizational development at Boston’sNortheastern University.

    The promise of a high salary (or a raise) could spur employees to do better work but more powerful is a fair salary and a company culture that moves them to do their best and feel content and excited. Company cultures in which workers feel valuable, feel they have a say in operations, feel their contributions are appreciated and believe they are being treated fairly and dealt with honestly can do much more to unlock employee potential.

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