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  • Modern-day slavery still exists – and it’s thriving across America

    Mic - 10/23/2014

    Each year, scores of people are lured to the United States by the promise of a green card, a steady job and the chance of a new start. A prospective employer tells them that the opportunities are endless, that their families will thank them, that the only place to go is up.

    But here’s the sad reality that no one seems to be talking about: Each year, these immigrants become victims of labor trafficking. They perform their jobs under force, fraud or coercion. They face pay that is less than minimum wage or less than they were promised. In order to keep them trapped, employers often use extortion, sexual abuse, psychological manipulation, torture and violence.

    The criminality of labor trafficking is a parallel to slavery, according to a new report by the Urban Institute, a nonprofit organization, and Northeastern University.

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