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  • Meet David Dworken, the teenager who hacked the Pentagon

    The Christian Science Monitor - 07/05/2016

    Within 13 minutes of urging hackers to take their best shot at the Pentagon’s public websites, the US government’s first-ever bug bounty program had its first submission.

    Just six hours later, hackers had already uncovered nearly 200 vulnerabilities in the Department of Defense’s networks.

    Already a staple for companies such as Google and Facebook, the bug bounty program – which pays friendly hackers to do the sorts of things that recreational hackers might do for fun, and that criminals like to do for far more nefarious purposes – was so successful that Pentagon officials say that they are considering another bug bounty program for later this year. Other federal agencies, they add, would do well to follow their lead.

    This fall, he is headed to Northeastern University in Boston to study computer science, with a focus on cybersecurity. Before that, though, he’s spending a month this summer hiking the Appalachian Trail by himself. During that time, he says, “I’m mostly checking out of technology.”

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