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  • Let family bury Tsarnaev’s body: Column

    USA Today - 05/06/2013

    Ever since the dreadful bombing at the Boston Marathon, I’ve been proud to call myself a native Bostonian. The slogan “Boston Strong” has spoken volumes about the character of the people and public officials of this great city. But the latest controversy surrounding where to bury — or whether to bury — the deceased Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of two brothers suspected of masterminding the fatal bombings, has placed us in a not so favorable light.

    What some folks here have said should become of Tsarnaev’s remains saddens me and disgraces our city. In the midst of the controversy, readers of the website of my local newspaper, The Boston Globe,posted comments of what they thought should be done with Tsarnaev’s corpse.


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