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  • Lester Holt, Given a Choice Assignment, Opted for Restraint

    The New York Times - 09/26/2016

    “CNN Launches Manhunt After Lester Holt Vanishes From Debate,” The New Yorker declared in a parody piece by the humorist Andy Borowitz, published just halfway into the debate. Many observers on Twitter urged Mr. Holt to “do your job.”

    Other pundits who had castigated Mr. Lauer seemed pleased with Mr. Holt’s performance. “Totally unobtrusive, but called out B.S. when it mattered,” wrote Dan Kennedy, a journalism professor at Northeastern University. Mr. Trump, speaking after the debate, said “Lester did a great job” — even as his Twitter account posted a complaint that questions about the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in the Benghazi attack did not arise during the encounter.

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