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  • Katy Perry tweeted support to Leslie Jones – and introduced “misogynoir” to white mainstream America

    The Washington Post - 08/25/2016

    Besides the fact that Perry has drawnplenty of criticism in the past for her racial insensitivity, the term “misogynoir” isn’t one that gets a lot of attention in the white mainstream world.

    The word was coined by black queer feminist scholar Moya Bailey, a professor at Northeastern University, to “describe the particular brand of hatred directed at Black women in American visual and popular culture,” as she wrote in an essay in 2014. The term applies specifically to black women alone, and not other women of color, she noted in a Tumblr post: “What happens to Black women in public space isn’t about them being any woman of color. It is particular and has to do with the ways that anti-Blackness and misogyny combine to malign Black women in our world.”

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