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  • Julian Jung: Raising money and growing your company as a solo entrepreneur

    Forbes - 12/12/2015

    I recently spoke to Julian Jung, who is the founder and CEO of Tablelist. Unlike most startups, Jung started his company without a co-founder and was able to raise money and grow his presence in multiple cities. In the following interview, Jung talks about how he came up with the idea for Tablelist, the challenges he had to overcome, the benefits of being a solopreneur, how he recruits talent and his best advice to other entrepreneurs.

    Tablelist is a mobile app and social discovery marketplace that gives members access to top tier venues, music events and going-out experiences. An American entrepreneur and investor, Jung has developed, conceptualized, launched and marketed successful technology startups and led them to generating millions of dollars in managed revenues. Jung stands out for his natural ability to take large, calculated risks. Prior to founding Tablelist, Jung was a real estate broker specializing in high end real estate sales/rentals and investment property. While an undergrad at Northeastern University, Jung executed over $500,000 in rental transactions and sold over $30 million in investment property.

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