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  • Is Boston ready for climate change?

    Boston Globe - 07/01/2016

    Last week’s Boston Globe story indicating that Boston will experience more flooding sooner than thought due to climate change came as no surprise. Scientists monitoring the ice sheet in the Arctic and Greenland noted that it was melting faster than predicted in April. But, is Boston doing enough to prepare?

    Some work is already underway. The City’s Environment Department has been doing cutting-edge work in climate adaptation planning through the Climate Ready Boston initiative, which is developing strategies to create a more resilient city. Last year Boston was added to the Rockefeller Foundation’s Resilient Cities list, which funds a dedicated resilience officer. The work being done through Climate Ready Boston will fold into Imagine Boston 2030, A comprehensive plan designed to make the city both more accessible and more sustainable. And the Department is completing a vulnerability assessment to identify the people and places that will be most affected by coastal flooding from sea-level rise and storm surges.

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