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  • Iraqi authorities reveal ‘ingenious’ tactics used by Islamic State group in Baghdad car bombings

    Vice - 03/17/2015

    Max Abrahms, a professor at Northeastern University who studies IS and terrorism, said extremist organizations will continue to adapt as governments step up counterintelligence efforts.

    IS, a Sunni militant group, carries out car bombings in Shiite areas of Baghdad partly to fan sectarian violence and increase the “bloodletting between the Sunnis and the Shiites in order to win over the support of the Sunni population,” Abrahms said.

    “When ISIS is hiding essentially among the civilian population, it’s trying to conceal itself using novel ways, and it’s trying to make the population itself a suspect to increase the chances that forces against ISIS will mistreat populations,” Abrahms said. “After all, one of the main reasons for the development of ISIS in Iraq is because government forces mistreated the Sunnis.”

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