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  • How the next generation of botnets will exploit anonymous networks, and how to beat them

    MIT Technology Review - 01/21/2015

    More recently, botnets have begun to exploit the Tor network which is designed to allow people to communicate across the Internet anonymously. This, combined with the advent of untraceable electronic currencies such as Bitcoin, has led to the rise of blackmail and ransomware that cannot be traced even after a payment has been made.

    Today, Amirali Sanatinia and Guevara Noubir at Northeastern University in Boston say the next generation of botnets is likely to be even more sophisticated. They outline how they believe these botnets will evolve but also suggest a straightforward way to neutralize them.

    Sanatinia and Noubir say that the anonymity offered by Tor-like networks will be irresistible to botnet masters, so most innovation will occur in this area. To exploit this anonymity, these botnets will have to exploit a technique called onion routing that encapsulates messages within various layers of encryption, like the layers of an onion.

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