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  • How ‘deflategate’ ranks among sports scandals

    WGBH - 01/22/2015

    After four days of speculation about how far the New England Patriots would go to win Sunday’s AFC Championship game, quarterback Tom Brady responded to accusations that someone on the team deflated footballs to gain an advantage.

    A few hours earlier, coach Bill Belichick gave an uncharacteristically direct and detailed response to the controversy, denying any knowledge or involvement.

    So although the final results of the NFL investigation are not yet out, Belichick says the team is turning its full attention to the Super Bowl. And 10 days from now, they’ll face off against the Seattle Seahawks in a championship game that has quite a shadow cast over it.

    Sports analyst Chris Collins, Sports Strategist writer Ben Shields and Northeastern University Sport in Society director Dan Lebowitz discussed the Patriots’ response to the investigation and how big of a deal it is in the scheme of things.

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